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Sep 19, 2022

Confessions of a Lesbos Honey (1975)


(Original Title: Meli to kormi tis) A rich widow struggles between her "proper" relationship and a taboo lesbian love affair.

After her husband's funeral, Marina (Magda Makri) receives some bad news...

She learns that she's flat broke.

Marina can't stand the sight of her father's secretary - Elli (Tina Spathi)

What's her problem with Elli? We'll find out later.

Marina is paid a visit by Pavlos (Antonis Liotsis), an old friend.

They go horseback riding; she likes him well enough and they have sex.

But Marina can't go through with it.

What's her hangup?  Marina relates the story to Pavlos.

So, we go back in time - when she first met her father's assistant (and nurse?) Elli.

Marina immediately fantasizes about making love with Ellie

Trippy lens effects

That night, Marina asks if she can sleep in Elli's bed. 

Nothing happens.  But they're well on their way...

Elli and Marina fool around on the pier - quite a scene.

Marina is staying with her rich father (Giorgos Kosmidis) who is clueless about her lesbian affair.

Elli and Marina fall in love

Marina's twentieth birthday

Pavlos is also unaware of the sexual tension in the air between Marina and Elli

Elli puts a necklace on Marina when nobody is looking

Elli invites Marina to her modest home.

Marina's father tells her she needs to remarry asap - and Pavlos is the guy.

After a tearful breakup with Elli, Marina cries in the restaurant bathroom.

She's paid a visit by the waiter (Telis Stallone)

Marina is so emotionally fucked-up she doesn't know what she's doing.  Having sex in a dirty bathroom stall with a random waiter seems like she's on her way to rock bottom.

I love that there's this dude in the bathroom who notices the activity going on in the stall behind him.

Marina rushes back to Elli and apologizes.  They have makeup sex.

And so we're back to present day;  Pavlos understands he has a lesbian on his hands.  But he's confident he can get her back on track.

Pavlos and Marina have a whirlwind love affair, traveling the country and eating spaghetti like fucking maniacs.

Finally the moment of truth.  Marina says she's finally ready to have sex with a man.

She musters up the courage to contend with a penis, and goes for it.

It's a success! Pavlos and Marina have wild sex.

But shortly thereafter Marina receives a letter from Elli which rekindles her love.

In an exasperated rush, Marina frantically calls Elli.

Marina travels to meet with Elli - to be with her true love once and for all - her father be damned.

But as luck would have it, Elli is hit by a car on her way to meet Marina at the train station and dies! 

Let's face it, the story was sappy and melodramatic; the ending hilariously awful.  But the nudity is plentiful and the story is told with such sincerity, you have appreciate the effort.


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