Jun 7, 2016

Forbidden Science - Adversaries Part 2 - S01E03 (2009)


Forbidden Science was a sci-fi series that aired on Cinemax about a company called 4Ever Innovations which fulfills erotic desires with virtual reality and androids. [For a full list of Forbidden Science episodes see the VZ1 Series Page

The Main Cast: Laura (Mary LeGault), Bethany Montrose (Joanne Alderson), Julia White (Vanessa Broze), and Dr. Penny Serling (Noelle DuBois

Episode 1 - "Adversaries Part 2"

In this episode: A major incident shakes 4Ever Innovations: another innovator in the world of cloning – along with his alluring but deadly partner – begins competition with 4Ever. 

It begins with Dr. Penny Serling (Noelle DuBois) doing VR

Her virtual reality has her being a dominatrix

Laura (Mary LeGault) nurses the wounds of Colin Sommers (Levi Freeman) after the terrorist attack

Sexual healing

Colin and Bethany Montrose (Joanne Alderson) meet their arch rival

Robert Armstrong (Michael Murray Scratch) also has a high tech organ/limb replacement company.

Bianca (Cammy Dana) is Robert's hired assassin

Bianca is a deadly weapon with no moral compass

She has sex with Robert

Samantha (Yasmine Aker) is in the hospital for the 4Ever spinal cord replacement.  She's made peace with her religious zealot father who actually caused the terrorist attack.

Robert and Colin face off.  Robert unveils the half android half synthetic heart

Robert says they should not cross this ethical line, but Colin isn't so easily swayed by ethics.  

Yikes.  Still pretty bad, with just a slight improvement over the previous episode.  I imagined this series would be a sure thing: Cinemax erotica and sci-fi seemed like the best mix since chocolate hit peanut butter.  But they're fucking it up with some of the worst filmed sex scenes I've ever seen.  See the previous review where I explain why it's absolutely brain-dead to film sex scenes with mega-close-ups and shaky cams and rapid-zooms.  Ugh.

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