Jun 7, 2016

Forbidden Science - 4Ever - S01E01 (2009)


Forbidden Science was a sci-fi series that aired on Cinemax about a company called 4Ever Innovations which fulfills erotic desires with virtual reality and androids. [For a full list of Forbidden Science episodes see the Forbidden Science Main Page or the VZ1 Series Page

The Main Cast: Bethany Montrose (Joanne Alderson), Dr. Penny Serling (Noelle DuBois) and Julia White (Vanessa Broze)

Episode 1 - "4Ever"

In this episode: Divorced and seeking a new life, Bethany Montrose goes to work for an old friend's corporation, 4Ever Innovations, where she works with scientists who perform advanced human cloning. Bethany's first project involves a husband who wants to be reunited with his wife, who was killed in an accident. 

Using a VR device Michael White (Bruce Turner) is taken back to a time when his wife Stephanie White (Vanessa Broze) was still alive and he was teaching her piano.

Michael remembers having sex with her the last time before her fatal car accident.

His lawyer (and lover) Monica Donovan (Anissa Holmes) makes snippy comments

Monica tells him he needs to get over it (even though the funeral was literally today).

Bethany Montrose (Joanne Alderson) has just had a divorce and is starting a new job.

She's hired by an old college pal Colin Sommers (Levi Freeman) to work for the 4Ever corporation.

The 4Ever cloning facility

Michael and Monica are introduced to Dr. Penny Serling (Noelle DuBois). Monica is a total bitch and refuses to shake her hand.

Serling is a young genius who has designed the cloning technology.

Bethany shows Monica and Michael the clone of Stephanie, his dead wife.

Michael can't believe how well she (or it?) resembles his late wife.

Michael takes the clone home.

Monica is one sicko bitch - she tells Michael she wants to have sex by his dead wife's clone.

Gee, this sure seems wrong.

Bethany drops by to check on things.

Monica dismisses her rudely.

Bethany starts to get suspicious.  Why would they have a funeral for Stephanie when they are making a clone of her immediately after?  And it sure seems suspicious that Michael gets with his lawyer before Stephanie's body is even cold.  Something smells fishy.

We find out the truth.  Stephanie was the genius brainchild of the 4Ever corporation.  When she died, the password to the system died with her.  Monica wants to use the clone to retrieve the memory of the password so they can take the company over.... their diabolical plan all along.

Nothing creepy about this.  Just Michael having sex with a barely conscious clone of his dead wife.

Stephanie's clone starts to regain her memory.

It's all coming back to her.  The painful memories... and more.

It's too much for her, and she faints.

When she regains her senses, she reveals that she knows all about their nefarious plans.  

Monica shoots Michael then aims for Bethany who has just arrived.

Stephanie's clone stabs Monica in the back.

Stephanie's clone now goes by Julia.  She assumes her rightful position at 4Ever. THE END

The erotic elements were fairly weak, but the overall story was quite good - and a promising setup for the thirteen part series.


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