Apr 5, 2022

Word of Mouth (1999)


A couple make a documentary about a prostitute, but she ends up getting inside the filmmaker's head.

Darrow (Mark Pellegrino) is a documentary filmmaker

The subject of his documentary is high dollar prostitute Torri (Catalina Larranaga)

Darrow is filming an art gallery opening when he spots Torri in the background

She's just humping away in the back of the room

Darrow interviews some of Torri's customers.

Back to the editing room

Kensington (LoriDawn Messuri)

Darrow and Kensington have sex

The movie is called "Word of Mouth" after all

Some very deliberate shots of LoriDawn Messuri in this scene

Darrow interviews Torri for another story....

She describes a threesome with a john and Jackie (Jamaica Charley)

Torri poses for Darrow

Kensington starts to think Darrow is getting too wrapped up in this whore

I love how they have Kensington (what a name!) constantly drinking and smoking

Alexis (Nikita)

Torri gets with a dude who likes to do it in public places

Kensington continues to voice her disapproval

Torri does it in the back of a limo

Dawson and Torri have the limo bugged.  When it sounds like the client is getting too rough, Darrow runs to her rescue.  But she pushes him away, not wanting to be rescued.

Torri finally tells the truth about her past, how she was married, blah, blah, blah.

Darrow sets up a hidden camera then hides in the closet.

From inside the closet he watches Torri screw, and they make eye contact

Darrow confesses his love for Torri

They have sex, but she drops him like a bad habit.

Torri tells us the film premiered at Sundance and was a success. THE END

The sex scenes are quite good, but nowhere near worth the pain of enduring the scenes inbetween.  


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