Apr 24, 2022

Vicious and Nude (1980)


(Original title: Viciosas al desnudo) Jack Taylor lets two sexy hippies, Adriana Vega and Eva Lyberten, into his home.  Big mistake.


Juan (Jack Taylor) is a famous writer at a book signing 

A lot of great shots of the shelves; I could look at this all day

Javier Garriga Prous is Juan's agent

Juan says goodbye to his wife María (Silvia Solar) as she takes their kids on vacation

Two hippies appear at Juan's door seeking shelter from the storm.

They are played by Adriana Vega and Eva Lyberten, and the character names are never given.

Juan enters the guest room and finds Adriana naked in the tub

Eva approaches Juan in the buff

Adriana gets aroused watching Eva fool around with Juan

Eva lures Juan to the tub 

They take it to the bedroom.  Eva watches while Juan humps Adriana

Once Juan is spent, the two hippies keep it going

Maria calls to check on Juan.  He says everything's fine.

The hippies go shopping at the street markets

They purchase a doll

At a club, the girls hook up with two guys and have sex in the cellar

Juan is disturbed to find the hippies have returned

They're drunk, wearing Maria's clothes, and making a mess of the place

Adriana does a line of coke

Eva dresses as a man

Adriana loves her new doll

When it breaks, she freaks out.  These girls are clearly psycho.

Juan is tied up, and Eva pours wine on his head

Eva does more coke

Maria grows worried and asks Juan's agent to check on the house.

The agent drops by.

Adriana stabs him to death

They drive off and crash the car.  THE END

Superb execution.  There is almost no dialog in this film; Vega and Lyberten barely say two words.  It's a ripoff of other films, namely Death Game (1977), but it's really about the "flavor" which is wholly unique.  


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  1. Adriana Vega is a definite plus to any film. Especially this one.