Apr 29, 2022

The Sex Spirit (2009)


Beverly Lynne runs a bed and breakfast which is haunted by a "sex spirit".  

Emma (Beverly Lynne) has inherited her grandmother's estate and turned it into a B&B

It's supposedly haunted by a "sex spirit" which basically causes guests to get aroused.  Emma uses this reputation to promote her B&B, calling it the "Love Spirit Inn".

Emma takes a bath and can feel the Love Spirit's presence

It causes her to get hot and bothered

Oh, you Love Spirit.  At it again.

Guests Kayla (Jennifer Sparks) and Michael (Jarod Diamond) arrive

Whenever the Love Spirit appears you get this cheesy CGI effect - sort of a fishbowl lens in the form of a fuzzy ball.

It causes Kayla and Michael to have sex.  Weren't they probably going to have sex anyway?  I mean, do we really need this Love Spirit?

The second couple arrives and they all meet

Luke (Brandon Ruckdashel) and Nicole (Ann Marie Rios).  Luke is annoying as fuck.

The Love Spirit inspires Luke and Nicole to have sex.  Again I'll say, weren't they probably going to have sex anyway?  Do we really need this Love Spirit?

Nicole can't sleep 

She finds Emma in the den

The Love Spirit does it's thing.

Nicole yanks off Emma's panties with gusto

Emma talks to her mother about this strange sex spirit

Luke gets wind of Emma and Nicole's tryst last night.  He confronts Emma about it - who seduces him.

Nicole and Kayla also have a fling - but this sex scene isn't shown.

Kayla tells Michael about it, and he gets pissed off.

Michael tells Emam that they're going to pack their bags and get the fuck out of here.

Not if the Love Spirit has anything to say about it.

Once the spell is broken, Michael resumes being mad at Emma and again threatens to leave.

Luke and Michael are ready to carry their girls outta here... but then the Love Spirit does its thing.

Michael and Kayla have sex

Luke and Nicole have sex.  And that's where it ends. THE END

Awful.  I love anything with Beverly Lynne, and this did have a goodly amount of sex scenes.  However, it is just about the most forgettable, empty calorie film you could ever imagine.  Nothing funny, nothing interesting, nothing remotely creative, and the sex scenes are pretty tame by 2009 softcore standards.  An absolute waste of time. 


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