Apr 5, 2022

She-Demons of the Black Sun (2006)


A girl is raped and seeks revenge by summoning the devil.  

Big Dan (Jan Pivon) pays two prostitutes, Angie (Vicky Coupal) and Debbie (Mixxt) to love on each other in the bathroom.

The fun is interrupted when they hear a flush, and an awkward dude comes out of the stall.

Three losers who hang out at the Black Sun club: Dominic (Costa Alexandrakis), Chase (Dan Veilleux) and Ron (Ivan Judd).

Dominic spots a girl (Kitty Daly) sitting alone at the bar

He approaches her, and she starts taking off her clothes.

But of course it's all Dominic's fantasy.  It doesn't really happen.

Isabelle (Isabelle Stephen) is a Swedish foreign exchange student

Chase introduces her to Dominic and Ron.

But they've drugged her.  Isabelle can barely keep her head up.

She tries to stumble home, but collapses on the sidewalk.

Isabelle wakes up the next morning.  She doesn't remember anything from last night.

She takes a shower

And it starts coming back to her.

Big Dan carried Isabelle unconscious to a room where they all raped her.

Isabelle goes back to the Black Sun to confront her rapists.  However, they don't give her the time of day.

So, Isabelle decides to summon satan.  Her parents were satanists, so I guess it's what comes natural.

The Dark One (Melantha Blackthorne) appears

The devil appoints four demons to help Isabelle get revenge

Asmodai (Penelope Jolicoeur) and Azazel (Kerri Taylor)

Belial (Suzi Lorraine) and Astaroth (Marie-Claire Benoît)

Belial lures Dominic to the basement

Isabelle whacks him with a sledgehammer

Then Belial finishes the job

Isabelle showers off the blood.

Leaving the bathroom, she's approached by Belial and Azazel

At the Montreal video rental store Sukubus

Ron picks out a video.  I see Election on the shelf - great movie.

The clerk (Jennifer June Chapman) checks out his videos

Ron just stares at her boobs

Ron is taken to the basement and killed

Periodically, we get this scene, between Isabelle and a therapist  (Allan Michael Brunet).  It does give some backstory regarding her parents, but it's so boring I tuned it out.

Azazel visits the Black Sun

And so the last of the rapists is killed.

The devil comes to collect her part of the bargain

Isabelle goes to hell

It's better than you might think, but definitely "a swing and a miss" in the sleaze department.  I mean, you have four sexy demons summoned (and one of them is Suzi Lorraine who always gets naked) and none of them provide any nudity, with barely any eye candy.  I mean, fine, don't have any nudity in your film.  That's okay.  But just don't make a film about four sexy demons who are summoned to kill rapists. I feel like a grand opportunity was missed. On a positive note, some of the satanic elements actually feel pretty dark.  Usually in films like this, the satanic stuff is cheesy. - and it is here too, but it has moments of eliciting a genuinely evil vibe.


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