Apr 5, 2022

Losing Control (1998)


Your standard undemanding erotic thriller.  This one features Kira Reed as a writer who takes a trip on the wild side for inspiration - which ends up being a costly mistake.

Ever since her fiance left her, Kim (Kira Reed) has had writer's block.

Her block ends when she meets Edward (Doug Jeffery) at a restaurant.  He won't tell her his name, though. It's not until the end of the film that we found out his true identity.

Kim jumps in the sack with Edward

I've never seen a pair of panties ripped off so dramatically. 

She meets with her publisher Alexa (Anneliza Scott)

She explains that she feels like a "well fed cat" and can write again.

Hemingway gets to writing

She barely has typed a single shitty paragraph and she's overcome with passion

She gets a call from Edward - which is surprising because she never gave him her number

Edward tells her to meet him at a certain park bench

She waits and waits

Well into the night!

Kim finds a note Edward left her.  It contains an address...

She finds him waiting for her in the bathtub.  She strips.

Edward confesses that this isn't his house.  In fact, he just broke into it.  Kim is not okay with this.

Well, actually she is okay with it.  They have sex in the shower.

Kim thinks the residents have arrived. She jumps out of the shower.  When learns it's just the neighbors, she finds that Edward is gone.

Edward has instructed Kim to meet him at an empty warehouse.

He wants her to wear an outfit and a mask he bought for her

The panties come off... but there's a problem.

This isn't Edward!  He had some other dude screw her.  This is basically rape, and a step too far for Kim.

So, Kim seeks the help of a P.I. to find Edward's identity and bring him to justice.

Jay (Clay Greenbush) agrees to help.

The plan is for Jay to watch from afar when Kim meets Edward again.

Edward wants Kim to meet him at the same park bench as before.

This time he wants her to wear a trench coat with nothing underneath.

Jay the PI certainly gets an eyeful of his client.

Edward decides he wants a change of scenery...

He has Kim go with him to the restaurant where they first met.

She still wears nothing under the trench coat, and Edward plants his face right in her crotch

Once again, Jay gets an eyeful of his client.

Jay is having sex with a hooker.  Kim watches from the window.

Edward creeps up behind her, and starts manhandling her.

How is it possible that Jay doesn't see this outside his window?

Edward has yet another sexual game for Kim.  She puts on a blindfold.

That hooker (Jennifer Ludlow) is there in her room.

Edward takes things too far when threatens Kim - saying he could easily ruin her life with his computer skills.

Jay is worthless.  He still hasn't found Edward's identity.

Kim has just learned that her entire bank account has been emptied by Edward.  Alexa, who has enabled this entire thing, is worried.

Jay finally finds out who Edward is thanks to these newspaper clippings that Edward conveniently left all around his place.

Back at the warehouse, Edward threatens to kill Kim.

But Kim turns the tables on Edward and puts a knife to his throat.

Time passes. Kim is on a book tour; her story of Edward has made it to the bestseller list.  Jay and Kim are an item and live happily ever after. THE END

(Yawn) A pretty lame and forgettable entry into the pantheon of nineties erotic thrillers. Not an original or creative frame in the whole film.  Kira Reed is always great, but this was pretty lightweight stuff.


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