Apr 16, 2022

Emmanuelle Private Collection: Sex Talk (2003)


In this episode of the Emmanuelle Private Collection, we meet a talk show host who considers hooking up with a secret admirer.  And Valerie Baber wants to have sex with women, even though she's in a relationship with a guy. Oh, and emmanuelle thinks she's seeing fairies and nymphs. WTF?

Natasja Vermeer is Emmanuelle

She and her friend Lisa (Valerie Baber) are stark naked by the pool.  Emmanuelle rubs lotion on her backside.

Then Lisa turns over.

Lisa starts to enjoy this experience more than she expected.

Lisa then reciprocates and climbs on Emmanuelle....

Lisa's partner Matt (Chip Phoenix) walks up and catches them in the act.

How awkward.

Emmanuelle tells Lisa a story of two lesbians who go for a hike in the woods.

They lay down a blanket and go to town.

Brittany O'Dell (Angela Davies) is the host of "Love Life"

A caller talks about having a one night stand...

So, these side stories are interesting.  The picnicking lesbians and now this.  They look like they don't fit in this film - and the end credits list Romanian crews.  So, I suspect they filmed some graphic sex in Romania then cut-and-pasted them into this film... and likely all the Private Collection films.  

Brittany gets a call from a secret admirer.

She consults with Emmanuelle, who of course says to go for it.

Wearing only an apron, Lisa works in the kitchen, but Matt keeps molesting her. 

After her lesbian encounter with Emmanuelle, Lisa is feeling like she wants more of that.  Matt just isn't cutting it.

Emmanuelle gets a massage and falls asleep.

She dreams "nymphs" are undressing her. This happens a few times in this film. WTF?

Emmanuelle gets ready for bed.  Nothing more; just showing that take place.

Brittany gets a caller who describes having sex in a gym.

Yep. Definitely Romania.

Brittany gets another call from the secret admirer.  Emmanuelle listens in.

Brittany meets the secret admirer in a back alley and they have sex.

Afterwards, she runs into the real secret admirer.  So, who was the guy she just fucked?  Doh!

Brittany gets a call from Lisa - unsurprisingly, it's about having a lesbian affair.

Brittany describes a scenario where a couple invite over a woman.  The two woman have sex, then it becomes a threesome.  That way, the woman can have her cake and eat it too - both a lesbian encounter, and involving her husband.  Lisa will take this advice and run with it.

Lisa tells Matt she has a surprise for him.

She lets him watch her have sex with another girl, then they have a threesome just as Brittany described.

Emmanuelle wakes up from a dream about those nymphs and fairies again. What the hell - ? THE END

A pretty weak story - and the fairy thing was beyond weird. A little disappointed in Rolfe Kanefsky who almost always elevates whatever he touches with creative and fresh ideas.  I'm thinking he just wrote this on Post-It note and called it a day.  And as if the fairy/nymph stuff didn't make things weird enough - you have these very out-of-place Romanian pornos pasted in!  So bizarre.  Valerie Baber is a mega babe, and definitely kicks things up a notch or two.  


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