Apr 15, 2022

Emmanuelle: A Lesson in Love (1994)


Third in the Emmanuelle in Space series where Emmanuelle teaches aliens about sex in each episode.

Emmanuelle (Krista Allen) takes to earth an alien girl to teach her the ways of love. A lesson in love, if you will.

The lucky student is Tasha (Tiendra Demian)

She takes her to Las Vegas

Tasha is ready for her lesson in getting laid.

No sooner is Tasha's lingerie on, Emmanuelle takes it right off.

We see Krista Allen's amazing boobs in this scene, but that's it for her nudity in this film.

Tasha takes a bath, and Emmanuelle continues her lessons.

At the casino breakfast the next morning...

Tasha eats the food like a fucking maniac.  I guess they're just reminding us that Tasha is an alien.

Emmanuelle takes Tasha on a hunt to get laid.

She meets an old flame named Henry (Scott Layne) at the hotel front desk.

Tasha gets with Henry's employee

God that's awkward.  Emmanuelle just stands there watching and giving Tasha instructions.

Back aboard the spaceship, Tasha recounts what she's learned.

Next, Emmanuelle takes Tasha to a Valentine's Day party on a yacht. 

Tasha gets with the rich party host.

Next, Tasha is taken to Spain where she gets with a bullfighter. 

Okay, now Tasha is transported to Paris.

Where she hooks up with a painter

Hilariously, this is what he's painting.

Tasha tells Emmanuelle that she's taught her well.  I'll say - she's fucking dudes all over the globe.

An actress (Summer Taylor) on a Hollywood movie set.

She runs to the body of a guy who lies bloody on the pavement.  

She shoots the guy, then tends to the victim.

And that's it for the actress.  Tasha rolls up on set, wanting (of course) to have sex with the director.

And so they do. THE END

Moderately better than the second in this series, but still miles below the initial episode.  This was clearly Tiendra Demian's jam - literally the only female getting naked the entire film (other than brief nudity from Krista Allen). Not terrible, but so forgettable and lacking of anything approaching a plot that I'm afraid this series has already gotten stale.  I may not be able to make it through too many more of these unless the quality level goes up at least a little bit.


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