Apr 16, 2022

Emmanuelle in Rio (2003)


Like James Bond, the actor playing the titular character can change.  We've seen Sylvia Krystal, Laura Gemser, Krista Allen, Natasja Vermeer, and others in the role - and now Ludmilla Ferraz. The hallmark in the Emmanuelle movies isn't just sex - it's exotic locales. This time Emmanuelle goes to Brazil.

Emmanuelle (Ludmilla Ferraz) is a photographer

Today she's photographing Marco.

One thing leads to another.

Emmanuelle meets Harry (Hoyt Christopher) a music video director.

Emmanuelle takes pictures of model Maria (Simone de Morais

Emmanuelle and Harry learn they will be working together on a music video for singer José.

José comes over to Emmanuelle's place and encounters Danielle (Juliana Batista).  Danielle is the daughter of an ex-lover; Emmanuelle lets her stay with her even though she's a "disappointment". 

José gets a good look at Danielle as she bends over to turn on the stereo.

Danielle then table dances for José.

She takes it all off.

Emmanuelle takes more pictures of Maria (Simone de Morais

The audition for José's music video.  Maria is the first line up and take her clothes off.

Emmanuelle acts as casting director

Chaka (Francielle Soares) is next

Then Marla (Tatiana de Souza)

And finally Danielle. 

Trouble happens when Harry video tapes Danielle

Emmanuelle finds the video tape and gets pissed as hell. 

She kicks Danielle out.

Emmanuelle has a coming to Jesus moment.

Emmanuelle and the models get on a yacht to shoot the music video.   

She photographs Marla from below... which seems like this wouldn't be allowed in a music video.  But maybe things are different in Brazil

Dina and Marla go to town in the shower.

Emmanuelle narrates, saying shit like: "They are learning special ecstasies that only one woman can give to another."

Emmanuelle, Maria and Danielle watch and giggle. 

Emmanuelle still holds the video tape incident against Harry.

The models lounge around, until it's time for the music video.

José does his thing while the ladies dance around him.

After a hard day's work, José carries Maria to the couch and beds her down.

Emmanuelle and Harry make up. 

Everyone's happy. THE END

The dumbest story ever; just beyond awful.  Its worst offense is that Emmanuelle doesn't act like Emmanuelle is supposed to act.  Emmanuelle is a free spirit, embracing free love, sex without consequence, etc.  Yet, here she's judgemental toward Danielle for being promiscuous. Then she holds the video tape incident against Harry almost the entirety of the film - even having an emotional crisis over it at the Jesus statue. The "real" Emmanuelle, the one we know and love, would never do that.  She wouldn't give two shits if Danielle was promiscuous or whether Harry videotaped a naked girl.  I mean, give me a fucking break.  And yet.... there is so much nudity in this film, you just can't stay mad.


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