Apr 10, 2022

Emmanuelle in Paradise (2000)


Another entry in the Holly Sampson Emmanuelle 2000 series.  This one features Gabriella Hall and follows the pattern of Jewel of Emmanuelle in that it consists of three parts.  (These Emmanuelle movies can get confusing; I recommend checking out the list to get this straight).

The Sultan (Anthony Skordi) shows businessman Matt (Brad Bartram) his harem

Matt's wife Ashley (Gabriella Hall) doesn't much care for the harem

The Sultan tells Matt that he would like to share the fruits of harem with him - and it woudl be an offence to decline.

Ashley plays nice in public; but privately she's outraged that Matt would consider using his harem.

But Matt does it anyway.

Emmanuelle (Holly Sampson) comes up with a plan

They'll dress like harem girls and infiltrate

First they must be prepped for the harem; that means a full body massage

Emmanuelle turns over and gets a rub down 

Ashley also turns over.

Well, now that's accomplished, Ashley enters the harem

Incomprehensibly, Matt doesn't recognize his own wife as the harem girl.  He tells her that he can't have sex because he loves his wife.

Ashley is so overcome by this, that she reveals herself and they have sex.  (Are we supposed to just forget that Matt just fucked like five harem girls in a jacuzzi?)

Meanwhile, Emmanuelle gets it on with The Sultan.

For the second part, Emmanuelle travels to Japan.

You'll recall from Emmanuelle's Intimate Encounters (2000) that Emmanuelle is always in contact with Maggie (Shauna O'Brien) and Philip Henson (D.J. West).

In Japan, Emmanuelle meets with Justin (Robert Donavan)

Justin has his own geisha girl Keiko (Aysia Lee)

He thinks she's perfect... but the problem is that geishas don't have sex

Justin bumps into Natasha (Allysin Chaynes)

They have sex.

Emmanuelle gives Keiko her heart-shaped pendant so that she will be able to have sex with Justin.  She feels the two are meant for each other, but the lack of sex is keeping them from a relationship.

So, Justin puts on the magic headband and has sex with Keiko.  It all works out.

In the third story, Emmanuelle meets with Jonathan (John McCafferty) and Bill (Steve Curtis). Bill wants Jonathan to invest in his nonprofit business - he's going to sequence the entire human genome and publish it on the internet.  

To convince Jonathan to invest, he brings in two strippers.

Seems an odd way to get an investment for a nonprofit genetics project.

To sweeten the deal even further, they bring in an old flame, Maya (Cheyenne Silver)

They have sex in the kitchen

Jonathan is still reluctant to invest.

And so they introduce another girl from Jonathan's past - Annika (Darby Daniels)

Jonathan and Annika have sex in a pink cadillac. 

Would you believe Jonathan still refuses to make a deal.

And so they bring in the final girl - Sheba.  Jonathan finally relents and agrees to invest.

Jonathan and Sheba have sex in the back of his limo.

How does he have anything left in the tank?  This is his third girl, like within a span of an hour.

To celebrate their success, Bill and Emmanuelle have sex.

Even Maggie and Phillip get frisky. THE END

I like the three-part format, and this one never slows down enough to get boring.  The sex is plentiful, but not a home run.  Yet it manages to stay above mediocre.  A fun series - I wish there were more of them. 


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