Apr 10, 2022

Emmanuelle 6 (1988)


Emmanuelle 5 (1987) was quite possibly the worst Emmanuelle movie ever released.  So it is with trepidation that I click "play" on part six. Thankfully, Borowczyk had nothing to do with this one. Instead, we have none other than Jean Rollin penning the screenplay - so perhaps there's hope for this series yet and it hasn't jumped the shark. [To get oriented with all these Emmanuelle movies, I recommend checking out the VZ1 list

Emmanuelle (Natalie Uher) arrives at the home of an eccentric psychiatrist. 

She has amnesia and hopes the psychiatrist can restore her memory.

Professor Simon (Jean-René Gossart) is a nutjob, but maybe his tactics will work.

To jog her memories, Simon leads her upstairs.

To the iconic Emmanuelle chair... and the memories flood back.

She remembers being on a bus with several other models.  Dagmar Berger turns on the boombox and randomly takes her top off.

The models board the cruise ship

Emmanuelle meets Benton (Thomas Obermuller) "the man who has been sent by the insurance company to care for the jewels".  The girls are supposed to wear these priceless jewels for the photo shoot.

Rania Raja is among the models getting comfortable in her cabin.

Ilena D'Arcy has amazing long hair; she gets undressed as well

Dagmar Berger is naked again

Emmanuelle gets prepped for a fashion show

Uma (Tamira) is a jungle princess who has stowed away in Emmanuelle's trunk.

She tries on one of Emmanuelle's dresses

Emmanuelle starts to get it on with a dude below deck, but is interrupted

In her cabin, Emmanuelle is intruded upon...

Tony Harrison (Gustavo Rodríguez) literally tries to rape her.

Uma comes to Emmanuelle's rescue, hitting him over the head with a bottle

Emmanuelle gets to know this unexpected jungle native

Back to present day: Professor Simon tasks his staff with bringing Emmanuelle's memories back via a sexual awakening.

So, she's brought to the stable where a woman is getting pounded in the hay

When that plan fails, they enlist the help of a bizarre priestess named Melissa (Melissa).

And when I say bizarre, I mean it.

Needless to say, this doesn't work.

Back to the jungle; Harrison leads the models deep into the Amazon

The ladies get naked by the river

Rania Raja pours oil on Dagmar Berger

Dagmar Berger provides the most graphic view in the film

Dagmar chases after Rania

Emmanuelle relaxes by the waterfall

We finally get a good nude scene from Natalie Uher

She has sex with Benton

The models are taken up river.

Harrison wants the jewels.  He has Benton locked up.

The models are also held in captivity - waiting to be sold to a sex slavery ring.

Uma the jungle girl finds Benton

She frees Benton, then run to find Emmanuelle

Uma guides Benton to the "forbidden" region of the jungle where the sex trafficking takes place.

Women here are sold at auction

This trafficker displays his merchandise 

This woman (Christele Merault) is just randomly having sex at the sex slave HQ.

Harrison brings the models to the auction

Emmanuelle is about to be sold when Benton and Uma save her.

Back to the present, and Emmanuelle had finally regained her memory.


Holy shit - what an abysmal trainwreck.  Reading more about this production, it starts to make sense why this is such a shitshow.  Apparently the original director quit midway through; Rollin stepped in to pick up the pieces.  But it was really too late, and he didn't help matters by injecting his own idea of Emmanuelle's memory loss (which only served to make this more confusing and disjointed).  There's a lot going on here: a jewelry heist, a stowaway jungle princess, amnesia, sex slavery... and all of it really goes nowhere. Emmanuelle 5 (1987) was a hot mess; this was of negligible improvement.


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