Apr 15, 2022

Emanuelle and Lolita (1978)


This entry into the pantheon of Emmanuelle movies takes place in Sri Lanka and stars the great Nieves Navarro, who was framkly too good of an actress for these types of films.  

Emanuelle (Nieves Navarro) takes a trip to Sri Lanka

Easily the best thing about this film is the locale.  Simply incredible setting.

Emanuelle goes to a club with helicopter pilot Robert (Richard Darbois)

Pretty groovy music; I wish I could hear their whole set.

Nieves Navarro (known as Susan Scott at the time) is just gorgeous - and in her forties.  She'd been in mainstream movies for a while.  Here she is, decades into her career, still looking as sexy as ever - if not moreso. 

Oh, man I love the colors.  This picture is glorious to behold.

Robert takes Emanuelle for a ride in the helicopter

But it breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

They cross paths with a local street urchin named Thiwa (Thiwa Yuporn

Thiwa serves them, and grows attached.

Thiwa watches Robert and Emanuelle have sex. Unfortunately, it's behind a gauze curtain.

Thiwa leads Emanuelle to a local resort.

Ah.  Back to "civilization"

Emanuelle makes a phone call..

To Frank (Philippe Gasté) who will be joining her soon.

Emanuelle is surprised to find Thiwa waiting for her outside the hotel.  It seems she can't get rid of her.

Okay, this scene takes place in a really odd location.  Emanuelle undresses to meet Frank at the bottom of. this... dark, flooded room.  WTF is this place?

Emanuelle still can't get rid of Thiwa.  The girl camped outside her residence. 

Emanuelle works with her assistant...

Adrienne (Adrienne Delorme)

Frank gets with Adrienne

The get naked in what seems to be very unclean pool water

Thiwa pretends to be violently ill in order to not be removed from Emanuelle's residence. 

Emanuelle knows she's full of shit, but lets her stay anyway.

Thiwa and Emanuelle spend the day together

Thiwa seduces Frank

She gets naked and showers in the fountain.

Man, the scenery is breathtaking. 

Thiwa seduces Robert

Adrienne randomly has sex with this dude

Frank tries unsuccessfully to get a hold of Adrienne. This is Nieves Navarro's clearest nudity in the film.

The telephone serves as an annoying scenery censor,

Emanuelle plans to leave Sri Lanka.  She gets into an argument with Thiwa.

Thiwa threatens to stab herself with a machete. 

I must say, I didn't see this coming.  Emanuelle and Thiwa tear off their clothes and have sex. 

Emanuelle's flight has arrived.  

She and Adrienne order champagne and get the fuck out of this place.

Leaving Thiwa far behind... one can assume to a life of poverty, loneliness and intense hardship. THE END

The music was super groovy; perfect for a vinyl release.  I love Nieves Navarro and the Sri Lanka setting was incredible.  That being said, not much happens.  Like, almost nothing happens.  I imagine this bored the shit out of audiences in '78 expecting something super-sleazy and exploitative.  


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