Apr 30, 2022

Bikini Royale 2 (2010)


Sequel to the 2008 film; starring Beverly Lynne and written/directed by Fred Olen Rayl

Bikini Royale 2: The Right to Bare All

Tanya X (Beverly Lynne) is on a mission, trekking across the frozen mountains

Her boss Mr. Shayne (Dan Golden) is back at B.I.K.I.N.I. headquarters reading a comic book I'd love to own - Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers.

Tanya finally arrives at the cabin where the book is located.

She finds it and is ready to head home...

But then she runs into Dr. Vornoff (Nick Manning) who helps her out of her wet clothing

Tanya finally returns home

She takes a relaxing shower

Then masturbates a little

Tanya arrives at HQ to receive her next mission.  There is a brothel serving as an underground railroad of sorts for enemy agents.  Tanya will need to go undercover as a prostitute.

Newton (Ted Newsom) gives her the special spy gadgets needed for the mission

Jill X (Jayden Cole) is an agent already undercover at the brothel

She's having sex with rich guy Sherwood (Billy Chappell)

Sherwood leaves her with a microchip hidden in some bills

Madame Zola (Brandin Rackley) finds out and makes Jill hand over the microchip.

Jill is taken to the dungeon at gunpoint

Tanya goes undercover, taking a job working for Zola

Before she can work here, Tanya has to "audition" with Zola

Sherwood returns and chooses Carrie (Dena Kollar

Zola tries to make Tanya feel better for not being chosen

Carrie and Sherwood go at it

Tanya can't believe her eyes

Carter (Frankie Cullen) is a CIA agent who is also going undercover as a client.  Tanya can't stand this guy.

Tanya doesn't want to be chosen by Carter, but goes along with it

Tanya dislikes Carter, but has sex with him nonetheless.

During sex, she does her nails, yawns and rolls her eyes with boredom.

Tanya does realise all of this is being monitored by Newton

Newton gives Tanya a lube which will turn you into a zombie.

Carrie refuses to tell Tanya the location of Jill X.

So she breaks out her zombie lube.

Carrie passes out, then hypnotically does Tanya's bidding as if in a trance.

She leads Tanya to the dungeon where Jill is trapped.

Uh-oh.  Carter is actually allied with Zola.  They hold the girls at gunpoint.

But then Sherwood saves the day. THE END

Perhaps not quite at the level of the first film, but still a damn good piece of cheap erotic-comedy.  Beverly Lynn is always amazing, but in these films she's really at the top of her game.


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