Apr 5, 2022

Al Pereira vs. the Alligator Ladies (2012)


Notable as the last completed film of Jesús Franco before he passed away. None of it makes any sense, and there are several scenes where Franco is visible and giving direction to the actors.

Al Pereira (Antonio Mayans) and his Alligator ladies. Mayans played the Pereira character in several films.

The Alligator Ladies: Carmen MontesPaula Davis and Irene Verdú

Take note of Franco in the mirror

Here we can see Franco with Carmen Montes next to him.  Kinda odd that these scenes with the director clearly visible are left in, but honestly those are the most interesting.  Seeing the aged Franco behind the camera, but vicariously so, is pretty cool.

Paula and Irene stroll the through the woods naked toward the building

Followed by Carmen

The Alligator Ladies fool around on the table

Al and Irene... I can speak Spanish, but have not a fucking clue what the hell is going on.

Irene is upset

Antonio Mayans speaks with Franco off camera.  

He shoots Irene and Carmen

Dear god.  What the fuck. 

Mayans bids farewell

This was pretty much my expression throughout the film.

Franco was quite old when he made this, so maybe I should cut him some slack - but this was almost impossible for me to get through.  Yes, the girls are fully nude throughout, but they're not exactly good looking.  Nothing made sense, an absolute shitshow.  As mentioned, it was pretty cool to see Franco behind the camera giving direction to the actors, but still a miserable experience overall.


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