Dec 30, 2021

Titillation (1982)


Well, I don't think I knew that Angelique Pettyjohn did hardcore.  Learn something new every day. Here she does it all in a porno crime noir.

Felix Fitswilly (Roy Simpson) is a millionaire who is on a quest

He tells his secretary Brenda Weeks (Angelique Pettyjohn) that he'll pay $50K if she can find the girl who fits...

The Brass Bra

Brenda calls her husband to tell him she'll be coming home late.

Rooster (Mike Horner) doesn't mind a bit if she's late...

He has Martha (Shery Carter) to keep him company.

Rooster picks Martha up and lays her down.

Brenda enlists the help of private investigators to find the match for the brass bra.

Spado Zappo (Eric Edwards)

Okay, here's the part that I didn't expect.  Angelique Pettyjohn gives Spado a blow job (by a Doritos bag) and then they have sex.  I presumed it was going to be a body double.  Nope.

Spado's partner Pigeon Johnson (Randy West) goes to a seedy motel...

To spy on Jerri (Kitten Natividad), the presumed match for the brass brazier. 

He watches through the window and sees that her chauffeur Roy (Mike Zempter) has drugged her drink.

They have sex, but then the drugs kick in and she passes out.

Roy checks to see if she's unconscious. 

He rolls her over to rape her from behind (!)...

In the nick of time, Pigeon stops the rape.

New neighbor Mary (Sandra Miller)

Rooster introduces Mary to Brenda.

Apparently, Rooster and Brenda like threesomes 

While Brenda sleeps, Mary snoops around their apartment.  Evidently she's in on the brass bra caper as well.

Spado and Pigeon travel uptown...

Based on Brenda's information, they snoop around Fitswilly's office.

They catch Amanda (Gina Gianetti) snooping around the office as well.

Amanda and Pigeon have sex.

Amanda turns the tables on Pigeon, holding him at gunpoint.

So, everyone is gathered in the same room.

It turns out each and every one of them have been conniving to get their hands on the brass bra money.

Jerri tries on the brass bra and it fits.

Fitswilly finally has found the match.  He gives the reward money to Spado and then takes off with Jerri. THE END

Call me a bleeding heart, but I feel a bit sad watching Pettyjohn and Natividad performing hardcore sex. Maybe it's because I've liked these actresses for as long as I can remember and never knew they "went there". For all I know they enjoyed the experience and got paid well (although I doubt it).  Regardless, as far as cheap pornos go, this is pretty fun, and god knows it's got star power.


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