Dec 5, 2021

The Sweet Aunts (1975)


(Original Title: Le Dolci Zie) A communist takes custody of his recently orphaned grand-nephew.  The religious conservative aunts also want custody of the boy - especially to keep him away from the sexually liberated radical.  But when the boy comes under their care, the aunts find themselves becoming sexually liberated.

The uncle (Mario Maranzana) takes his grand-nephew Libero (Jean-Claude Vernè) into his custody.  Also aboard the bike is grandpa's smoking hot young lover Manuela (Orchidea De Santis).

At the church, the uncle gets into an argument with the boy's aunts about who should have custody.

Aunt Fiorella (Marisa Merlini) is an outspoken guardian of good morals and decency. 

Aunt Benedetta (Pascale Petit) is a delicate flower who faints five time in this movie.

Manuela washes Libero's hair.

The uncle is a rascal, and he joins Libero watching Manuela do chores.

Some clergy are passing through, so the uncle gives them an eyeful...

The priests run for the hills at the sight of Manuela's boobs.

Manuela runs through the fields.

Libero watches her tits bounce with rapt attention.

After a hard day's work, the uncle and Manuela get into bed.

The next day, Libero is again staring at Manuela doing her chores.

He pulls her down and they roll in the hay.

At this point, the three aunts have arrived. Benedetta faints at the sight of Libero and Manuela in the hay.

The uncle points a rifle at them.  Benedetta again faints.

Don Fiorello (Pupo De Luca) commands the uncle to relinquish custody of Libero and free him from this den of sin.

The uncle is reluctant, but with the police involved, he has no choice.

A stark contrast to his uncle's farm, a quiet dinner with his three aunts.

Libero drops something and looks under the table.

He sees his Aunt Benedetta

He also catches sight of his Aunt Mimì (Femi Benussi)

Libero accidentally stumbles upon Benedetta in the shower.  Pascale Petit provides the only clear full frontal nudity by the main cast.

Sexual tensions are already getting hot as Benedetta sizes Libero for a suit.

Things are equally hot with Aunt Mimi.

Libero sits with Fiorella at the beach.

A random group of girls get buck naked for a swim.

Libero is understandably distracted and lets Fiorella be seen as she changes.

Unexpected nudity from Marisa Merlini

Someone snapped a picture of Fiorella with her boobs exposed.  The picture is hanging outside the church.  Her brother the priest, Don Fiorello, tires to cover it up as a crowd gathers.

Libero and his aunts hold a seance.

Mimi isn't startled by a ghost, but rather Libero's hand under the table.

Libero also grabs Benedetta.

The three aunts, formerly repressed and dour, are now having a gay old time.  Libero dances with Benedetta as Mimi plays piano.

They fall down.

Mimi absent-mindedly fans herself with her dress, giving Libero a pleasant view.

The arrival of Anna (Patrizia Gori); Libero is instantly attracted.

Anna goes down by the creek to listen to her radio and skinny dip.

She sees Libero watching her, but doesn't mind.

Mimi catches sight of Anna exposing herself to Libero.

Benedetta faints yet again.

Anna is very casual about her nudity.

That evening Libero watches Mimi through the keyhole.

He dreams about Mimi ballet dancing topless in his bedroom.

He pulls Mimi onto the bed and we get brief bit of full frontal nudity from Femi Benussi.

He also fantasizes about Benedetta in his bedroom.

Libero isn't at Anna's level; he's a virgin and she's sexually liberated.

Libero gets sick when Anna causes him to fall in the creek.

Mimi sneaks into his room to fondle her nephew while he sleeps. 

The aunts stare in horror as the uncle has come to take Libero away.

The uncle realizes Libero needs to get laid, so he sets up visit with Manuela who deflowers him.

This whole thing is just too much for Fiorella.

But it all works out in the end.  The aunts finally wake up to the liberated times and are much happier.  Libero gets hooked up with Anna.  THE END

An extremely sexy movie; eye candy for days.  For me, this story has been played out one too many times (conservative vs. liberal, religious vs. atheist, square vs. cool, etc.)  So, I couldn't get too into the story, but I suppose this story is superfluous in a movie like this anyway. 


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