Dec 18, 2021

The Eroticist (1972)


(Original Title:All'onorevole Piacciono Le Donne) A sex comedy from Lucio Fulci featuring Lando Buzzanca, who I consider the best comedic actor of the era.  Also featuring Laura Antonelli, possibly the sexiest actress of the day.

Senator Giacinto Puppis (Lando Buzzanca) contender for the next Italian Chief of State.

He arrives at the airport to airport to greet the female president of the Republic of Urania

The problem is, he's caught on tape groping her butt.  But the footage hasn't been released to the public.

On an elevator, Puppis can't resist groping a random stranger's bottom.

Puppis dreams of a Fantasy Woman (Eva Czemerys)

The weird thing is, Puppis has always been gay.  What could be going on?

Father Lucion (Renzo Palmer) knows he groped the female president of the Republic of Urania and blackmails him. Puppis agrees to comply and Lucion takes him to get treatment. 

On the road to treatment, they stop for gas.  Puppis is overwhelmed with the number of lovely backsides he sees at the station.

Completely drunk, Puppis is introduced to Father Schirer (Francis Blanche) who can help Puppis with his problem at the convent.

Sister Delicata (Laura Antonelli) is one of the nuns.

Passed out drunk, Puppis won't release the backside of one of the nuns.

Father Schirer tells the nun that she must remain still until morning, as waking the patent would be too traumatic.

Cardinal Maravidi (Lionel Stander) is pissed off that Puppis is fucking everything up.  He's groomed Puppis to become the chief of state, and things are falling apart.  He was under the impression he was gay (he was expecting less scandal from a gay man than the customary womanizing Italian politician).

Maravidi works with Don Gesualdo (Corrado Gaipa), head of the mafia. 

Schirer puts Puppis under hypnosis.

Puppis fantasizes about all the nuns, half naked.

He grabs all their asses.

The fantasy gets stranger and stranger.

Schirer believes Puppis is cured and releases him to go back to Rome.

Father Schirer learns from confessions that Puppis has actually groped every single nun in the convent - except Sister Delicata.

Schirer rushes to Rome to warn Puppis that indeed he is not cured... then he dies of a heart attack.

Maravidi makes it abundantly clear that Puppis will attend his garden party, and he will behave himself.

On the drive there, Puppis sees the statues come alive as naked women.

French Ambassador's Wife (Anita Strindberg) is at the garden party.

Puppis gazes at her and imagines she's naked.

In his fantasy, she wears only US dollars over her bush, and coins on her boobs.

Cardinal Maravidi introduces Puppis to the ambassador's wife.

Puppis pulls her aside and they have sex in the bushes.

Sister Delicata (Laura Antonelli) makes a surprise visit to Puppis.

She was the only nun he didn't ravish at the convent.  She begs him to relieve her of temptation and simultaneously scolds him for his wickedness.

She tears off her habit.

Delicata pulls out a rope and she implores that they whip each for their sins.

Puppis begins ravishing Delicata when there is a harsh knock at the door.

Puppis sees that it's Don Gesualdo and the mob. 

Puppis tells Delicata to leave immediately. 

As she sadly walks away, Puppis catches sight of her butt.  It's his kryptonite, and he throws caution to the wind and escapes through the window with her.

The get a hotel room and have sex. 

Delicata gets up in the night and is abducted by the Vatican thugs.

Puppis tells the cardinal that he wants to get out of politics.  The cardinal shows him a macabre wax statue in the bowels of the Vatican - a not-so-subtle threat that Puppis must obey.

The news announces that Puppis' political rival has died in an accident.  Puppis is now the president.

Puppis gives a speach and sees a wax statue of poor Sister Delicata. 

I love this ending.  At this point, a guy in a bar switches the channel from politics to a dumb game show. THE END

What a comedic whirlwind of saucy statements about politics, religion, culture and sex.  As said, Lando is a goddamn comic genius, and Laura Antonelli... just wow. 


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