Dec 12, 2021

The Erotic Mirror (2002)


A mirror has the magical properties of making anyone looking into it become overcome with lust.

Amy (Laurie Wallace) and Bill are on vacation. She wants to go in an antique store.

There, she finds a mirror that grabs her interest.

Amy finds herself aroused, as if under a spell.

Amy buys the mirror.  At home, it has the same effect.

At dinner, Amy isn't interested in Bob - she can't stop thinking of the mirror.

She gets up in the night to go to the mirror.

Amy takes off her nightgown and masturbates in front of the mirror.

Amy can see The Lady in the Mirror (Darian Caine)

The Lady in the Mirror is nude and is fondling a treasure chest of jewels.

In the morning, Bill finds Amy collapsed nude in front of the mirror.

Amy tells Bill she's going to the doctor to see what the hell is wrong with her.

She tells Dr. Jessie Mayron (A.J. Khan) about the mirror.

The nurse receptionist (Rhiannon)

Amy shows Jessie the mirror and she becomes overwhelmed with lust.

The nurse walks in on them.

Finally, they come to their senses and get dressed.

Amy goes back to the antique store to get answers.

The shopkeeper (Michael R. Thomas) tells Amy the history of the mirror.

Amy goes for a walk to contemplate what she's learned.

She runs into old friends Stacy (Ruby Larocca) and Mary (Misty Mundae)

Amy invites them over to her place.

She breaks out the mirror - and guess what happens.

Jessie and the nurse are watching from the foliage. 

Afterwards, the girls wonder if it was all a dream.

Jessie and the nurse try to steal the mirror.

The girls invite another friend over - Lisa (Lora Renee).

I love what Lisa is wearing.  Hey, they said casual attire was permitted.

Amy rolls in the mirror - and guess what happens.

Lisa and Amy go at it.

I don't like how this movie uses that overlay filter throughout the sex scenes. You know the one - where the scenes bleed into one another.

Amy decides to enlist expert help.

A tarot reader (Jade Duboir) organizes a seance.

The seance turns into an orgy.

The orgy causes the Lady in the Mirror to walk amongst them - and even join in.

Bill returns home and finds only the Lady in the Mirror on the sofa.  The others are evidently trapped inside.

The epilogue features Debbie Rochon as a customer in the antique shop who gets turned on by the mirror.  And so the cycle repeats.

Just constant sex strung together by a thin shred of a story.  But that's okay; it delivers about what you'd expect, and maybe a little extra.


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