Dec 18, 2021

The Devil's Men (1976)


From Kostas Karagiorgis director of Tango 2001 (1974), starring Peter Cushing, Luan Peters and Donald Pleasance with a Brian Eno score - and it's about a satanic minotaur cult.  So, you'd expect this to be an absolute banger. Well, let's have a look.

A ritual sacrifice is taking place.

The talking minotaur statue

The victims (Efi Kosma and Lambrinos) are unsuspecting tourists.

Baron Corofax (Peter Cushing), the cult leader.

Efi Kosma is stabbed with a dagger by a child cult member.

Jane Lyle sees her boyfriend has received a letter.

Milo (Kostas Karagiorgis) is a PI who has received a request from a priest to come to Greece.

Then they have sex.

Father Roche (Donald Pleasence)

Such a holy man. Donald Pleasence was sick of always playing bad guys and would only agree to the role if they cast him as the priest instead of the cult leader as originally intended.

Father Roche greets Ian (Nikos Verlekis) and Beth (Vanna Reville) who have arrived for an archaeology dig.

Ian and Tom (Bob Behling) explore the ruins.

Down a hidden passageway beneath the ruins, Tom and Ian find the fiery minotaur. 

They also find the victims from the start of the film - now naked.

Meanwhile, Beth gets supplies.

The grocer's daughter (Christina) is super creepy; as a matter of fact, the whole town seems a little odd.

Beth runs into Baron Corofax... and later we hear her scream.  This appears to be the last of Beth.

Father Roche works with Milo to find the missing persons. Despite the fact that numerous people have vanished, Sgt. Vendris (Dimitris Bislanis) seems surprisingly unconcerned. 

Laurie (Luan Peters) is Tom's fiancee, and she's come looking for him.

Laurie takes a bath, but thinks she sees hooded figures outside the windows.

Luan Peters in strategically covered suds.

Laurie screams and Milo comes running.  He scoops her out of the tub and carries her naked to the bedroom.

Roche, Laurie and Milo drive to the archaeology site.

They find the so-called Forbidden Chamber.

The minotaur gives a warning, the cavern rumbles, and they get the hell outta there.

Laurie speaks with Sgt. Vendris who acts highly suspicious. 

Milo and Roche speak with Baron Corofax, who also seems a tad suspicious.

Poor Mrs. Zagros (Jessica Dublin)

She tried to give Milo and Roche warning about this fucked-up town, but was killed for doing so.

Laurie was chased through the woods.  She's now safe with Father Roche.

Laurie makes it clear she doesn't believe in god.  

Hey, Beth is still alive.  She's chained up in the Forbidden Chamber, but she's still alive.

Ian and Tom are also both alive.

But not for long.  Beth and Ian are seated in stone chairs then stabbed with a dagger.

Father Roche finds their dead bodies.

Milo is learning that the town is full of suspicious freaks, who just stare at him in the tavern.

Milo finds that Sgt. Vendris is one of the cult members.

Laurie opens her bedroom door and is grabbed by a cultist. 

She and Tom are in the stone chairs - waiting to be the next sacrifice to the minotaur.

Father Roche shows up, pulls out his cross and destroys the place. The minotaur explodes.  Surprisingly, so do the cult members.

Tom and Laurie embrace.  They're saved.

They leave the dungeon along with the child members of the cult. THE END

It has its moments but is pretty dull overall.  Cushing is given nothing to work with; he just stands around looking imposing.  Pleasance doesn't deliver his usual over-the-top performance we all know and love, and the actor that plays Milo couldn't be more boring.  The main issue is that much of the film is just talking, filmed in a very flat artless manner... which is surprising considering Kostas KaragiorgisTango 2001 (1974) wss anything but. 


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