Dec 5, 2021

The Devil's Garden (1973)


A trippy Sandy Carey film by Bob Chinn.  Carey searches the Caribbean for her lost movie director husband.  The search leads her to a decadent producer and voodoo.

Sandra Barton (Sandy Carey) is running like mad through a Jamaican village. 

Sandra tells the police what's happened - about her missing husband.

Carlotta (Nicolle Riddell) notices Sandra is gone and phones St. Jermaine.

The film follows a nonlinear format.  Now, we go back to the beginning. 

Sandra and her husband Brad have arrived in Jamaica to shoot a movie.  The film is produced by the mysterious St. Jermaine.  Brad goes to look for locations, but then doesn't return.

St. Jermaine (John Paul Jones) is having sex with Rena (Donna Young)

He wears a mask and squeals like a monkey.

Sandra goes to look for Brad at St. Jermaine's place.  She meets Rena and Carlotta.

Sandra gets changed for bed.

Rena enters the room. Sandra asks her to tell her about the Rastafarians. 

Carlotta tells a quick story.

She goes to a Rastafarian's place, they smoke weed and have sex.

Well that was a charming story.

On her quest to find Brad she meets Kipling Chang played by Bob Chinn

He drugs her drink.

Sandra passes out.

When she wakes up, she finds she's bound by leather straps.

Carlotta and St. Jermaine are above her.

Sandra is naked at their feet.

She's forced to give St. Jermaine head then gets on him.

She's still loopy from the drugs.

She wakes up.  It must have just been a nightmare.

Rena gives her a sedative which knocks her out again.

Rena fondles her pussy while she's out.

St. Jermaine is there in his favorite mask.

Sandra leaves the police station, still looking for Brad.

She asks a local if he's seen Brad.

The local takes her into a shack where a voodoo ceremony is going on.

A woman (Deborah McGuire) gets naked and seems to be possessed.

Creepy as fuck, the naked possessed woman calls out for help in the voice of Brad!

Sandra wakes up in bed with Brad.  It was all a nightmare.

But then Brad gets a call from St. Jermaine.  So the cycle repeats.

Great location, swirling nonlinear story, naked women, drugs, voodoo, Donna Young, sex, possessed naked women, sadomasochism, and Sandy Carey ... put this in the "win" column for Bob Chinn movies.

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