Dec 20, 2021

The Château (1971)


Women are used and abused at The Château.  No reason whatsoever to watch this except that it stars the great Sandy Carey, so it has to be done- let’s give it a whirl.

Tracy (Sandy Carey) arrives at the Château for an interview with the Baron (Howard Alexander)

God the picture quality is deplorable 

She doesn't mind being asked to take her clothes off, but slaps him when he gets handsy.

Tracy tries to escape but men in ski-masks are chasing after her.

She's carried upstairs.

Tracy is stripped and put on the table.

She's raped by the masked men.

In the bathroom she silently looks at herself.  It made me wonder whatever happened to Sandy Carey.

The Baron and his sister (Suzanne Fields) watch the action on camera.

The Baron and his sister apparently use abducted women as sex slaves, and men pay to rape them.

Carmen Olivera is tied up in another room.

Becky Sharpe is the third victim.

Carmen is dragged into another room for further rapes.

Well, I guess it's hard to get tired of this view of Sandy Carey, but damn this movie becomes highly repetitive.

The hooded man has another go with Tracy.

Carmen and Becky must take turns performing oral sex on these guys.

The Baron's sister watches diligently. 

One of the guards switches sides and rescues Tracy.

Tracy escapes and they sabotage the Château to have a gas leak.

The traitorous guard spikes their tea, causing them to become wildly horny (?).  The Baron has sex with his sister.

They have sex but die mid-coitous when the gas leak takes effect. THE END

 Quite a lineup of well-known early-seventies sexploitation stars: Sandy Carey, Suzanne Fields, Becky Sharpe, and Carmen Olivera.  Too bad they're wasted on this grim torture-porn piece o' shit.


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