Dec 13, 2021

Tango 2001 (1974)


An extraordinarily twisted and sleazy film from Greece. I can't begin to describe it except to say it's full of groovy music, necrophilia (!), drugs, nudity, and bad seventies fashions. From the director of Death Kiss, Kostas Karagiannis.

Everything in this film centers around the club Tango.

It's a happenin' place, with live groovy music.

Stathis (Lakis Komninos) is a sociopath, and king stud of this scene.

His main squeeze Ioanna (Erika Raffael).

Stathis is abusive and violent with Ionna. 

Ioakeim (Vagelis Voulgaridis) is a rich guy, socially awkward as hell. 

Ioakeim watches Ioanna get consoled by her friend Rosita (Dorothy Moore)

Ioakeim fantasizes that Ioanna and Rosita dance naked.

Ioanna and Rosita leave The Tango together.

Stathis watches with rage in his heart.

Ioanna and Rosita go back to Ioakeim's place to have sex.  Why his place, you ask?...

He offered his place to Rosita.  She doesn't know he is filming the whole encounter from behind a one way mirror.  Ioakeim believes he is impotent, so he gets his rocks off by filming other people have sex.

The two ladies do coke.

Stathis strolls in.

Ioanna is horrified to find him standing there.

The ladies freak out.

Stathis strolls casually around the bed, smoking his cigarette.  You wonder what he'll do.

He smacks the shit out of Rosita.  Ioanna runs away.

Stathis then gets murderous with Rosita, and Ioakeim is filming the whole thing from behind the mirror.

Stathis smacks Rosita, she hits her head on the dresser and instantly dies.

Stathis checks her heart, finds her dead and gets the hell outta there.

Stathis gets on the road, but is haunted by what he's just done.

Ioakeim lifts Rosita's body onto the bed and starts fondling her.

He does the unthinkable, takes a shower, and returns to find her still dead in his bed.

A disturbing thought: he's been impotent up until this point.  Necrophilia may be his thing.

Since he left his murder victim at Ioakeim's house, he wants to check in.

Rosita's murder has made it to the papars.

But not to worry - Ioakeim has cleverly made it look like an auto accident.

Stathis threatens Ioanna within an inch of her life not to squeal.

A scene that will prove critical: Ioakeim is kind and comforting toward Ioanna.

A rich chick (Jennifer Wynne) who wants Stathis whenever she's in the mood.

She honks for Stathis to come with her.  

They use Ioakeim's place.  So, that means, again, it's all on film.

Stathis keeps thinking about killing Rosita, so he can't get into the sex, and he leaves.

The rich woman is left alone, staring into Ioakeim's one-way mirror.

She gets pissed and throws something at the mirror, shattering it pieces.

She's startled to find Ioakeim standing behind the shattered mirror.

She goes into the bathroom and smacks him around.

Ioakeim responds by drowning her in the tub.

And once again he does the unthinkable.

Stathis is questioned by the police, but he's such a sociopath, he evades further suspicion. 

Remember when Ioakeim was kind to Ioanna after she was abused by Stathis?  Apparently affected by his kindness, she surprises him by showing up at his house.

Ioanna goes to take a shower.

Ioakeim can't believe what he's fucking seeing.

Ioanna returns to his bedroom fully nude.

Ioakeim has a naked woman in his bed.  What to do?

He goes to the kitchen, chugs some milk, and thinks it over.

He decides upon grabbing a meat cleaver and killing Ioanna.

Just as he's about to kill her, a cuckoo clock sounds, and Ioanna wakes up.

She has no clue Ioakeim was just about to murder her.

She turns off the light and teaches him how to have sex (with a living person).

The two fall in love; with Ioakeim swinging her around in a field of wildflowers.

A bunch of swingin' youths party at Ioakeim's place.

Ioanna is surprised to find them here.

But the party is soon broken up by Stathis.  He sends everyone out and drags Ioanna to the bedroom.

He rips off her clothes and they have rough sex.

Stathis realizes Ioakeim is a liability, and he doesn't care for him screwing his woman.  So, he knocks out Ioakeim and kills him, making it look like a suicide - and pins the murders on him.

Just when Stathis thinks he's gotten away with it, a police officer shows him the films confiscated from Ioakeim's residence.  Stathis had no idea these incriminating events were on film. THE END

One of the most twisted films I've ever witnessed.  Add to that, Kostas Karagiannis' style and skill behind the camera is incredible.  I was fully engrossed in this sick sleazy mess from the first frame to the last. 


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