Dec 13, 2021

Summer Night Fever (1978)


A very European teen road trip movie as two guys and a tag-along (Olivia Pascal) make their way to Ibiza, getting laid along the way.

The movie begins at a disco.  Fredy (Claus Obalski) is the nerdy one, unable to get a girl.

Peter (Stéphane Hillel) is his friend.  Decked out in Travolta's disco attire, he's already found a girl to go home with him (Uschi Zech).

The next morning, Peter finds her asleep next to him.

He does something odd: he rips a bit off a tape measure and puts it on her boob. 

So, we'll learn that Peter has a length of tape which he is ripping off centimeters with each girl he screws.  His goal is to get to the end.

Fredy meets up with Peter for their summer vacation trip to Ibiza.  But Peter is quite upset about something...

Fredy's parents have forced him to take along his sister, Victoria (Olivia Pascal).

The trip in their convertible VW bug starts off on the wrong foot.

Peter and awkward Fredy try to pick up a couple girls.

No luck.  They see Victoria and presume she's one of their girlfriends.  So they drive off.  Peter is again pissed.

They find a cheap motel to spend the night.

Victoria gets dressed - providing the first of many topless scenes from Olivia Pascal.

At a restaurant, Peter spots a rich woman (Gesa Thoma) eating alone.

He has sex with her in the hotel.

One more centimeter off his tape measure.

Along the way, the trio has some fun by a lake.

Victoria has a crush on Peter, but he wants nothing to do with her.

To make matters worse, the size of Victoria's boobs are insulted.

Along the road, Victoria changes her top.

The sight of her causes another car to wreck.

To make Peter jealous, Victoria pretends to be with a random stranger.  The guy, Friedrich (Del Negro), plays along with it.  He even invites them aboard his yacht.

He introduces the trio to the gorgeous Helga (Bea Fiedler)

At night, they party on the beach.

Helga gets drunk and strips in front of everyone.

Friedrich seems to be trying to get Victoria drunk.

Victoria can barely walk. Friedrich walks her to his yacht.  (Sounds like rape to me)

Peter is worried about her, but is such a pussy, he backs off when Friedrich tells him to get lost.  Victoria is too drunk to even speak.

Fortunately, Victoria wasn't raped because she vomited on Friedrich.  But now she has a bad hangover and throws up all along the road.

While Victoria recovers in the hotel, the boys head to the beach.

Fredy spots his math teacher (Claudine Bird)

He takes pictures of his teacher with his Polaroid. 

Rather than be horrified her student is taking pictures of her topless, the teacher offers to meet him at the disco.

Peter checks on Victoria.  She's topless - and Peter tries to not look.

Fredy goes disco dancing with his teacher

After a long night, they go to the beach and skinny dip.

When they return to shore, they find someone has taken their clothes.

The teacher hides while Fredy goes to a beach house to find clothes.

Fredy stumbles upon a man named Jacky (Gianni Garko) having an affair with a married woman, Karin (Edwige Pierre).

Fredy hides under the bed.

When they hear her husband arrive, Jacky ducks under the bed.

The man is surprised to find Fredy under there.

Ludwig (Jacques Herlin) arrives, and Karin tries to assure him she's alone.

Ludwig gets ready for a roll in the hay.

When Ludwig goes to take a shower, Karin tells her backdoor lover it's safe to come out.

She's shocked to find Fredy also appearing from under her bed.

Jacky gets pissed - he wants Karin all to himself. 

He throws Karin onto the bed which breaks.

The help Karin out from the rubble.

Karin doesn't know who the hell this boy from Munich is, but they say their goodbyes. 

Kudos to Edwige Pierre who plays this long, exhausting scene completely in the buff.

Their back on the road, but not for long as their VW breaks down.

They take in a bullfight.  Nothing like seeing a bull gradually bludgeoned to death to get you in high spirits.

They meet up with Ines (Betty Vergès).

Ines instantly gets Peter's attention, and Victoria feels left out.

To scandalize some clergy on the beach, Ines gets completely naked.

Victoria, depressed from being treated like shit by Peter, hitchhikes the hell outta there.

She finally reaches Ibiza. 

Everyone's naked, so "when in Rome".

Victoria instantly attracts some dudes.

But they're a bit overbearing and insulting.  So, she leaves.

Alone again, Victoria is consoled by a beach bum.

He lives on the beach and offers his sleeping bag.

They finally reach the beach house, and it's revealed that Peter doesn't have a relative with a house in Ibiza.  It was all a lie.  So, Ines takes them to her place.

Fredy and Ines have sex.  They're walked in on by a dentist who owns the place.  Ines is his dental hygienist.

Good times.

As you could probably predict, Peter ends up with Victoria. THE END

Pretty standard stuff, but about what you'd want in your Euro sex-road-trip movie.  Olivia Pascal is always awesome; that's a given.  Also, "Baker Street" plays several times in this film, and literally anything with that background music is going to be amazing.  The Farm Report with "Baker Street" is suddenly exhilarating. 


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  1. Ha ha! I have the soundtrack album to this awesome movie, even though I don't much like "Baker Street!" Some of the other tunes are pretty good, like "You're A Person Of Importance!" I guess it's the only disco album I own! But the movie is terrific, one of those immersive, plotless extravaganzas like, say, Malibu Beach or other Crown International gems!