Dec 20, 2021

Stalker (2000)


(AKA The Seduction of Maxine) Tracy Ryan is a Hollywood diva who receives threatening messages.  She reluctantly hires a bodyguard and things get physical... well, things were already quite physical.  Things get slightly more physical.

Maxine (Tracy Ryan) is a famous actress-model.

She's receiving threatening letters.

Who could be sending them?  Maybe Bridgette (Darby Daniels) her makeup girl, or perhaps Tom (Scott Anthony Gould) the leading man.

After doing Maxine's makeup, Bridgette has sex with Tom...

Or maybe it's Sid Portman (Brad Bartram) owner of Big Moon Studios

Or maybe it's Maxine's perky maid, Tina (Jenna West).

Tina goes upstairs and has sex with another of Maxine's household servants...

Armando (Robert Nassry) the chauffeur lays her down.

Afterwards, Tina and Armando hear a loud noise downstairs.

Maxine is freaking out because attached to a brick which came flying through her window is another threatening letter.

Riley (Kyle Kleefield), Maxine's boyfriend, makes her feel better.

Riley introduces Maxine to Jack Howard (Paul Logan) her new bodyguard.

Jack used to guard the governor, but he got wounded.

Naomi (Tera Patrick), Maxine's personal assistant

She convinces Jack to take the job despite Maxine's sassy attitude.

Who could this gloved maniac be?

A hand covers Naomi's mouth.

Ah, but it's just Riley here to cheat on Maxine with Naomi.

Little does Maxine know, Riley and Naomi just finished screwing each other behind her back.

Naomi pays a visit to Jack.

She tries to seduce him, but he's got his principles. 

Not one to take no for an answer, Naomi returns.

Enough beating around the bush.  She says, "I'm lonely too, Jack" and throws herself at him.

Jack can no longer resist.

With Maxine elsewhere, Armando and Tina seize the opportunity to fool around.

Naomi catches them right before they're about to have sex.

She says she won't tell if they let her join in the fun.

Maxine and Jack get to know each other better.

He lets slip that he had sex with Naomi.  Maxine stops the foreplay and leaves in disgust.

Maxine's friend Leah (Monique Parent) arrives.

Later that night a masked intruder tries to smother Maxine with a pillow.

Jack saves her.  When he pulls off the mask we find it's Leah. 

Why, Leah? Why?... Because if she can't have her all to herself, then no one can.

With Riley exposed as a cheater and Leah as a psychopath, I guess that leaves Jack to have sex with.

Maxine receives a note at work.  Uh-oh.  Could it be another threatening letter?  Nope; it's a love letter from Jack. THE END

 This feels like an erotic thriller designed by an algorithm.  Just throw some lifeless sex scenes together around a dumb plot and hope the sight of Tracy Ryan naked is enough to make it worth your while.


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