Dec 11, 2021

Skin Flick Madness (1971)


This really just amounts to Sandy Dempsey and her husband watching a porno in a movie theater.  But it stars the late great Dempsey, so must be watched.

The opening credits try to be cute.

Always enjoy a vintage marquee

Harold (Richard Smedley) takes his wife Olivia (Sandy Dempsey) to see a porno.

Olivia doesn't want to be here.  She complains and wants to leave.  What would their parents say?

The first porn loop they watch features Jane Tsentas.  Normally I hate films that are just full of clips from other movies.  However, I don't at all recognize what clips these are from (possibly some long lost porno), so I'm okay with it.

Harold starts to get a little horny and adventurous.

Phyllis Stengel is featured in the next loop they watch.

She's joined by the ubiquitous Uschi Digard

Now Olivia is in the mood.  She takes off her clothes right there in the theater.

She has sex on Harold's lap.

A whole new world has opened up for Olivia and she wont' let Harold leave. She has succumbed to "skin flick madness".

Watching Sandy Dempsey have sex in a movie theater was entertaining to say the least; however, that's really all this has to offer.  Not a lot going on here, but a film worthy of a watch for vintage skin flick connoisseurs. 


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  1. Uschi Digard was/is *everywhere* - like the Associated Press, and nitrogen in the earth's atmosphere.