Dec 30, 2021

Sinful (2006)


Mundae plays a girl obsessed with having a child, and it drives her to murder.

Lilith (Misty Mundae) is a victim of childhood abuse who works a shitty job.

She fantasizes about bonding with her daughter, who she imagines is named Daisy.

But she has no daughter, just her loser husband Jim (Ron Smith)

Lilith obsesses with jealousy over her neighbor...

Aisha (Erika Smith) seems to have it all. 

She imagines Aisha having sex with her teacher husband Sam (Nikos Psarras)

Lilith gets on her gown for a medical exam.

The gynecologist (Joe Gualiuzza) tells her for the hundredth time, she's not pregnant. Sorry.
Lilith gets hostile, throws off her gown and leaves.

Jim knows Lilith is a basket case but can do nothing about it.

Lilith and Jim have dinner with Aisha and Sam.

Lilith becomes even more jealous - now knowing Aisha is pregnant.

This sends Lilith over the edge.

She goes postal at work.

She imagines Aisha in the bathroom.

Months later

Lilith shows up in the baby room butt naked and brandishing a weapon.

She collapses into tears.  Aisha makes the mistake of consoling her.

Lilith gets up and kills her.

There's an epilogue that's too stupid to recount. THE END

Hoo-boy, what a stinker.  It tries so very hard to be artsy, but forgets everything else. Much like another Misty Mundae movie, Roxanna (2002),which tried to be a Nick Millard film but came off as too forced.   I could hardly make it through. 


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