Dec 30, 2021

Sex Carousel Via Erotica (1968)


(Original Title: Sexkarussell Via Erotica) A Dutch film about a writer who's asked to work on an erotic film.  His girlfriend subsequently spends the rest of the film convincing him to do it, and uses the risque stories of people they encounter as inspiration. In this way, it's a very early example (perhaps the earliest?) of a Schulmädchen-Report style film, where a series of rapid-fire erotic tales from a variety of speakers are wrapped around a central premise. 

The wino adds a "T" to make the street sign read "Via Erotica"

Just as with the Schulmädchen-Report films, there is this inexplicable need to turn every film into a faux documentary.  Here we have a narrator with feigned seriousness explain the dirty movie industry.

Tanja (Tanja Gruber) and her worthless lazy writer boyfriend Carlo Conti.

Film producer Marcello Bandini offers Carlo the opportunity to write a script for a sex film. 

Even though Carlo is broke, he is still reluctant to take the job.

Tanja Gruber is a stone cold fox.

A brief tale about how ladies' photographers get so much trim.

The story involves two young dipshits who put an advertisement in the paper to appeal to girls wanting a film career: "cameraman is looking for young pretty girls". 

To their surprise, there is an overwhelming response.

All the girls have no problem with taking their clothes off.


There's a side story involving these two which I (yawn) am too bored to relate.

Tanja dutifully types up all the erotic stories.  I can't help but wonder why this gorgeous young girl is with this old broke-ass writer.  Even more, why is she doing all his work for him? 

The next story Tanja records involves a doctor who gets put in a compromising position by a patient.

Tanja makes her old lazy boyfriend coffee while she writes up the next story...

It's told by her friend who describes working in a burlesque club.


The decor in this film is dynamite.

Tanja continues to type for her fucking worthless boyfriend. Yes, Carlo uses his talents to put the tales to paper, but could he at least get out of bed? 

A shrink tells the story of a patient who keeps seeing women in their braziers. 

Everywhere he goes, he thinks he sees them in their underwear.

Tanja obtains another story from the window cleaner.

The window cleaner describes the various sights he's witnessed

An artist's model gets frisky.

A story of a customer feigning illness for her own enrichment.  (Too lame to relate)

Marcello Bandini returns. THE END

Not very erotic and pretty tame (I suspect it's earlier than '68); I found it extremely boring despite the sparse display of boobs and skilled camerawork. There is some entertainment to be had just from the nostalgia aspect, and sixties Netherlands vibe - but overall a dull and forgettable film. 


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