Dec 5, 2021

Rimini Rimini (1987)


An Italian film consisting of five stories all taking place at the beaches of Rimini.  It's not quite an anthology as the stories are told concurrently, yet still independent non-overlapping plots. 

For simplicity's sake, we'll tell one story at a time.

Story #1

Gianni Bozzi (Jerry Calà) is looking for a prostitute.

He finds Marisa (Livia Romano); she'll need to pose as his wife.

Gianni is trying to get an engineer Carlo Pedercini (Paolo Bonacelli) to sign a contract, and he'll need to believe Marisa is his wife to do so.  Carlo introduces his lady, Countess Rita (Sylva Koscina).

Carlo is a bit of a cad, groping Gianni's "wife" everywhere she goes.

The stupid story ends with Marisa ending up with Carlo, and Gianni with the countess. 

Story #2

Liliana Corsi (Eleonora Brigliadori) and Simona (Monica Scattini)

In this story, Liliana gets hooked up with one failed potential lover after another.  The first is a wannabe stud on the beach.

Liliana stumbles awkwardly over a sandcastle.

The sandcastle belongs to Pio (Guido Monti), Simona's son.

We'll be seeing this kid again soon.

Simona is constantly trying to get her friend Liliana hooked up with someone. 

She spies a potential candidate on a boat.  

The bodybuilder meets her at the gym. 

Liliana tries to impress him. But he's only interested in one thing - his own body.

It doesn't work out; and when he requires them to wear plastic when they're together, it's too much.

Max Ponchielli (Gigi Sammarchi) turns out to have his own set of problems.

Maybe Jerry (Sebastiano Somma) will work out.

Nope.  He's drunk and he's married.

Rimini has been a total failure for Liliana.  She falls into bed naked.

It gers worse for Liliana as she's blackmailed by Simona's son, Pio.

Story #3

Noce's brothers (Enrico Appetito and Andrea Azzarito) will do anything to get their sister to stop crying.

Noce Bovi (Laura Antonelli) believes her husband has drowned at sea.

She finally has relief from her grief when she flirts with a goofy but loveable actor.

But as they play around in this compromising position, who should appear?..

It's Gustavo (Adriano Pappalardo)! Covered in seaweed, he's not lost at sea after all. But he's irate to find his woman with this guy.

Noce loves the actor, and puts the two men in test for her affection.

Story #4

Gildo Morelli (Paolo Villaggio) is a magistrate, a strict defender of morality and absolutely opposed to pornography

On vacation in Rimini, he falls into a trap.

A trap set by Lola Sarti (Serena Grandi)

He doesn't recognize her, but she sure recognizes him.  He shut down Lola's strip club, and she lost everything.  Now she's out for revenge.

She helps him out of the hole with a rope.

Lola climbs out of the hammock completely naked.

Lola has a photographer positioned nearby to take compromising pictures of Gildo.

She lures Gildo to her hotel room.

Lola performs a striptease for him.

Lola does all this, and then convinces him to dress like a woman.  When he's photographed as a cross dresser in public it's the final straw.  Lola has her revenge, but feels a little bad that he had to suffer the same hypocritical judgmentalism that she also had to endure. 

Story #5

Father Andrea (Andrea Roncato) visits his brother Arnaldo (Arnaldo Ninchi) in Rimini.

Elvire Audray strolls around topless

Andrea tries to act natural, but it's a bit difficult...

Later, Andrea finds Elvire Audray drowning at sea, and helps her aboard his raft.

Well this is rather awkward for the priest.

And things get even more uncomfortable for him as she's been stung by jellyfish. 

She can't put on any covering due to the pain.

Kissing seems to help.

The pain goes away, and she jumps back into the ocean.

On the plane trip from Rimini, Andrea sees Elvire Audray in her nun's habit.

Pretty mediocre fare.  Nothing too funny or interesting; with only a few moments of sleaze worthy of note. 


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