Dec 20, 2021

Razor in the Flesh (1997)


(Original Title: Navalha na Carne) This is a remake of the 1969 film, but this time with husky voiced Vera Fischer, popular actress of film and TV.  

The film begins with Neusa Suely (Vera Fischer) happily dancing to Mas Que Nada.

However, this may not be reality.  Suely seems to live in a fantasy world.  A world where she's not a cheap whore in the Rio de Janeiro underworld.

Suely is picked up by a rich guy.

He blindfolds her.

Oh shit.  Then, he lets two old gross guys into the room...

They ravage her while the rich guy watches.

Suely (not wearing panties) screams for mercy.

She's tied up and put in the trunk of the rich guy's car.

They take her to a remote location and just dump her in the bushes.

Suely makes it back home somehow.

No rest for the wicked; Suely is back out there.

At a party she runs into Vado (Jorge Perugorría) her pimp.

Vado smacks Suely across the room.

Vado proceeds to smack her down the street, demanding his money.

Suely fantasizes that she's in a wedding dress with Vado on the beach.

Back to the harsh reality.

Suely pins the missing money on her neighbor Veludo (translation: Velvet) (Carlos Loffler)

Veludo is a drug addicted male prostitute.

Suely again fantasizes - this time that Vado is being crucified.

She imagines herself a decadent Roman painted in gold, laughing at Vado's torture.

Back to the harsh reality.

Suely puts on a sheer nightgown with nothing underneath, preparing to have sex with Vado.

She grabs a straight razor and threatens to cut his dick off.

But Vado knows she's obsessed with him, and easily gets her to relinquish the blade.

Vado says he's going to make love to her... but then scampers out the door.

Suely turns around, notices he's gone and sobs that she's alone again.  

Suely gets up and looks out her window as if in a trance.

She sees herself crucified with a crown of thorns.

Pretty much universally considered inferior to the original 1969 film, which has me curious to check it out.  The main selling point here is Vera Fischer who really goes through the ringer in this film, and calling for some rather rough scenes and lots of nudity.  She's an absolutely incredible actress.  Unfortunately, once the three characters were in the apartment trying to one-up each other, it got a bit tedious.  This goes on for thirty to forty minutes, and my mind wandered (or maybe it's just my short attention span).


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