Dec 30, 2021

Oh Fanny! (1971)


(AKA The Memoirs of Fanny Hill) One of the seemingly endless Fanny Hill movies released in the seventies.  This is a porno version of the story featuring the great Sandy Carey.

Fanny Hill (Mindy Wilson) finds herself an orphan.

Ms. Phoebe Airs (Charlotte Holstein) takes her into her custody.

She tells Fanny to get undressed and go to bed.

Then Ms. Airs makes her move.

Later, Ms. Airs fits Fanny in finery. 

Ms. Airs shows Mr. Crofts (Wilson McGaver) Fanny's body.

Fanny isn't ready to be prostituted and rights back.

Fanny winds up bloody and unconscious on the floor.

Ms. Airs tries to break her in by showing her another prostitute at work...

Prostitute Pauly (Fran Carlstadt) goes to work with a customer (Terry Miller)  

Fanny finds true love with Mr. Helms (Fred L. Morris)

But she walks in on him...

...forcing himself on a household servant (Sandy Carey)

Fanny has revenge by having sex with a servant of her own Will (Roy Van der Welt).

Helms is outraged and kicks Fanny out of his house.

Sandy Carey is great, but she's only in one scene.  The rest feels like it takes place in one small room. Fanny's narration is annoying, and the sex scenes are your standard bump and grind. 


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