Dec 3, 2021

Night Eyes 4: Fatal Passion (1996)


The first Night Eyes was one of the more popular early erotic thrillers that took over late-night cable in the nineties.  By episode four, things have grown a bit stale.

There is an intruder at the residence of Dr. Angela Cross (Paula Barbieri).

Night Eyes security guards Steve Caldwell (Jeff Trachta) and Will Griffith (Andrew Stevens) respond to the scene.  Will is shot in the ensuing gun battle.

Angela is kind of a bitch to Steve at police headquarters.

Jacqueline Lovell makes a brief appearance as a runaway.  A damn shame she's not in this film more.

Will clings to life.  (Like we care.)

Steve and his boss Ruth (Perla Walter) who does nothing in this movie. 

Roy (Casper Van Dien) and Sara (Kimberly Kelley) fool around by the pool at Angela's house.

Casper Van Dien became an evangelical TV christian. Kimberly Kelley was only in a few movies in the mid nineties; a damn shame she didn't do more.  She was awesome in Midnight Tease 2 (1995).

Steve accidentally walks in on them when he is installing the security equipment.

Sara introduces herself to Steve.

Dr. Angela Cross is a psychiatrist

Her patient is weird creep Charlie Haynes (Michael Phenicie)

Angela keeps getting threatening calls.

Sara and Roy accidentally set off the alarm and Steve comes running.

Carrying on in Will's footsteps, Steve watches them have sex like a goddamn pervert.

Steve may spend half this movie looking intently at his stupid security camera

Sara comes on to him in the kitchen

Steve resists (what a dope).

Sara lets him know he's missing out.

A confrontation between Roy and Angela. What could this be about?

Roy breaks into Angela's house and Steve shoots his ass dead.

Steve and Angela get romantic.

They have sex - but it's a fucking body double.  In fact, they have sex no less than four times in this movie - and Paula Barbieri provides no nudity.  I repeat, no nudity.  It is all a body double.  Shannon Tweed, where are you when we need you?

Steve tells Charlie the creep to leave Angela alone.

Yet another sex scene - with a body double. I can't tell a lie - I fast-forwarded through the next ten minutes or so.

Sara comes clean.  She tells Steve that Angela wanted Roy dead.  Why?  Because he knew she never went to college.  That's right, this entire thing over Angela's license to practice psychiatry.  Worst plot ever.

Steve confronts Angela.  When Charlie gets involved, it becomes violent.

Angela gets arrested. THE END

Without Kimberly Kelley this is a one star film.  Not an exaggeration to say that this may be the worst erotic thriller I've seen; partially salvaged by Kelley, but otherwise a dreadfully boring and lame shitshow. 


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