Dec 5, 2021

New Wave (1983)


(Original Title: Onda Nova) This Brazilian film follows the adventures of a female soccer team; it's more of a "day in the life" type movie than a coherent story.

The title credits are all on sheets.  Carla Camurati and Cristina Mutarelli hold up a sheet with "Gaivotas Futebol Clube" written on it. The club is a female team with a professional sponsor.

The first game is more for fun  The girls celebrate the formation of the Gayvotas F.C. team with the men dressing like women and vice versa.

Helena (Tânia Alves), a pop singer, watches the game.

Lili (Cristina Mutarelli), the goalie, makes a wager with Casagrande (Walter Casagrande - an actual player) that she'll cut her hair if he scores a goal.

He does score a goal, and now Lili has short hair.

Lili's father (Luiz Carlos Braga) doesn't agree with her playing soccer.

They watch TV then have a fight, resulting in Lili leaving the house to stay somewhere else.

The girls go to a club where Helena (Tânia Alves) is singing.

Rita (Carla Camurati), in purple, is the rich girl on the team. Camurati is awesome; we've seen her in The Peephole of Love (1982) and The Good Times Are Back (1985) - films she made before becoming a successful TV star.

On the left is Chacrete (Vera Zimmermann) who provides the lion's share of nudity in this film.

Batata is the team's star player.

Her father is an ex-soccer star and he's having an affair with Helena the pop singer.

Zita rides with her mother Zazá (Cida Moreira) who drives a taxi. Zazá also serves as the team's bus driver.

Rita has a sweet ride.

She smokes weed with Chacrete before heading to the locker room.

Chacrete and Rita get ready for the game.

Zita has a thing for Chacrete (as does half the team).

Their first game is against a women's police team and ends in a brawl.

Back to the locker room where Chacrete supplies more gratuitous nudity.

Rita, Neneca and Chacrete 

Another player is added - Regina (Regina Carvalho).  Carvahollo was a singer with a few records released in Brazil.  We'll actually get to see her butt naked later in the film.

The girls drink a lot of bear and act silly.

Much of this film is just this: a "day in the life", character study, with no real plot advancement.

Lili and her boyfriend Rui... who is gay, but she doesn't realize it.

Lili throws a record on the turntable to set the mood.

But of course, it goes nowhere with Rui.

Another victory under their belt.

They celebrate by another night of clubbing.

Rita and Lili; Rita spots a guy she wants to have sex with.

Regina also hooks up with someone.

Zita has sex with Chacrete in the back of her mother's cab.

Lili tries to hop on the motorcycle with Rui and his inseparable "friend" Marcelo.

She's kicked off.  Why is not dawning on her that her boyfriend is gay?

Rita has sex with the guy she met in the bar.

Another game under their belt and they're back on the road.

Rita sleeps on the bus going to Santos to play against the Portuguesa Santista.

A favorite song is played and everyone dances.


Batata has sex with a famous soccer player.

Back to hanging out; Chacrete and Zita are an item.

Batata finds she's pregnant and gets an abortion. Lili plays with a revolver.

The gun ends up killing Rui when he plays Russian roulette with it.

Rita and this dude have sex.

She's come prepared with condoms.

Excellent sex scene from Carla Camurati.

Chacrete takes a bath.

She's joined by Zita and others.

In the back is Lili - so possibly the only full frontal nudity from Cristina Mutarelli ever.

And look to the left: pop singer Regina Carvalho

Regina Carvalho on the right

And the moment we've all been waiting for: Chacrete gets out of the tub to take a shower. Viva la Vera Zimmermann   

Regina in the stands.  No point to the scene really; just to show off some fashions, I guess.

Chacrete had sex with the dude Regina's eyeing. 

Vera Zimmermann rolls naked towards the camera.

Rita discovers her boyfriend has cheated on her; they all have a wild night of partying.

A bit of comedy as Lili and Rita walk in her parents

Rita wants drugs.

She smashes a record.

Rita is able to get tranquilizers from Rubi (Regina Casé)

Driving down the road, Rita then tops her tranquilizers off with alcohol.

She passes out and hallucinates.  She's tied to an anchor.  She also hallucinates about Neneca, who had sex with her boyfriend.

The girls are stoked to play against the Italians.  Marcelo runs to the stadium to tell Lili that Rui has died from the Russian roulette accident but is unable to get into the stadium.

Vera Zimmermann's debut was quite memorable, and Carla Camurati delivers yet another charismatic performance.  It is an interesting slice of life film, with a healthy amount of gratuitous nudity and melodrama. Not for everyone, but an interesting picture. The big downside is that by following nearly eleven players, their stories get confusing, and I'm honestly not sure I have all the many love triangles correct; but it was a fun ride nonetheless.


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