Dec 5, 2021

My Neighbor Sancho (1993)


(AKA Nachas Vemos Vecinas No Sabemos, Mi Vecino Sancho) Don't let this cover fool you; it's not nearly this randy.  I think they photoshopped this same image of Zayas on a ton of different throwaway Mexican sex comedies. Anyway, this is a film about a group of people in an apartment complex (a playboy, a call girl, a cop, a psychopath, etc.) who are pursued by an ex-neighbor, now escaped convict.

Prudencia (Alfonso Zayas) is the playboy of the apartment complex, role playing tonight as a vampire. 

His conquest tonight is Eva (Andrea Aguirre)

They hear the announcement that Chiquilin has escaped from prison.

Eva's husband is a cop and she gets on the police radio.

Neighbor Malena (Rosita Bouchot)

She hears a racket going on, and gets up to check on her daughter.

Daughter Venustiana (Silvana Durán) seems to be sleeping soundly.

But as Malena leaves, Venustiana sleepwalks as if under a spell.

They see Venustiana eerily walking by their window.

Not only is this not a walkway (but rather a thin ledge), but she is clearly under a spell.  We'll see at the end of the film, that she may be a vampire.

El Chiquilin (Gerardo Zepeda) has escaped from prison to kill Prudencia for taking the love of his life.

Arnulfo (Alfonso Munguía) is Eva's current husband.  He's a cop, and is always waving a gun around, often firing it. 

Arnulfo is also a jealous asshole.

Eva throws a potted plant off the balcony.

It hits Chiquilin on the head.  Eva apologizes, saying that it was mean for her husband.

Florinda (Patricia Álvarez) is the sexy stripper/prostitute in the apartment complex.

She's stripping for Prudencia... well, maybe not Prudencia, but perhaps his father.  This is an aspect of this film that I didn't quite get (maybe I was just too tired) and didn't feel like rewatching to understand.  There seems to be two characters played by Zayas, one younger one older; which is made more confusing by the fact that Prudencia dresses up for role playing with his ladies. So, I'll just leave that for you to discern.

Patricia Álvarez is a hottie.

The arrival of Tristan (César Bono) the maintenance guy for the apartment complex.  Bono was in all those ficheras with Zayas back in the day.

Florinda has a thing for Tristan.

He sets up the lighting in her apartment.  We'll see that she puts on shows for her customers.

El Chiquilin confronts Prudencia and Malena.

The next hour (no exaggeration) is El Chiquilin versus the various neighbors in a cat-and-mouse game, in-and-out of apartments.

Arnulfo has his gun on Eva, as per usual.  Arnulfo has several opportunities to catch Chiquilin, but doesn't immediately recognize him as the escaped convict.

Venustiana and Malena watch as Tristan busts his ass fixing something in their apartment. He is constantly hurting himself.

Florinda and Tristan are told that Chiquilin is on the loose.

He's currently chasing Eva through the apartment.

She throws everything she can find at him, utterly destroying the apartment.

There are worse things you could watch than Andrea Aguirre in a mini-skirt that rides up higher and higher the more she runs around.

This happens a lot: running up and down the stairwell from Chiquilin.

Venustiana is back to sleepwalking.

Florinda strips for her customers.

Tristan assists by being DJ and "prop" for her to play with.

But in pops Chiquilin.

Florinda isn't scared of Chiquilin who runs off after Prudencia.

Things will be taking a strange turn as Malena convinces Prudencia to have sex. Now doesn't seem like a good time with Chiquilin running around, but she's very persuasive.

Venustiana brings him breakfast in bed.  But, where did the evening go?...

Prudencia thinks back - he's been abducted by this woman!  He can't leave if he wants to.

It seems mother and daughter are both psychopaths.

Venustiana sees Prudencia try to escape. 

Prudencia is now restrained.

Venustiana is a certifiable nutcase.

Eva comes over, still running from Chiquilin.  She hears Prudencia's cries for help.

But she runs to Prudencia's place where Chiquilin is waiting for her.

All the women gather at Florinda's apartment.  There is safety in numbers.

Florinda teaches the girls how to dance sexily.

Florinda turns on the music for a demonstration.

Florinda puts her crotch right in Venustiana's face.  A perfect A-frame to add to our collection.

Venustiana is gobsmacked. 

Malena doesn't like her daughter seeing this and brings her back to their apartment.

Lest we forget, Chiquilin is still prowling around.

He tries to attack Florinda.  His knife goes flacid and that's the last we see of him.

Malena still has Prudencia tied up in her bedroom.

She actually stabs Prudencia, then stitches him back up.

Malena gets Venustiana to help.

The final scene; a big party and everyone's invited.

The old Prudencia is there. (shaking head slowly)

Old Prudencia and Malena

Young Prudencia and Venustiana

Prudencia gets up to go to the bedroom for a moment...

He looks at himself in the mirror and sees behind him...

Venustiana outside his window in fangs.

Apologies for not getting some of this right - there is a lot going on here.  For a film that's just about a cat-and-mouse chase, it has a ton of nooks and crannies along the way, which make it very interesting. It also helps that the women are all super-fine and wear miniskirts throughout. 


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