Dec 16, 2021

Mrs. Stone's Thing (1970)


Re-released as The Sensuous Wife, and featuring Edward D. Wood Jr. as a transvestite and Cathy Adams providing lots o' explicit nudity. It's the story of a woman who discovers why her husband is always "all sexed out". He's been going to swingers parties.  Now she wants to join him in order to save their marriage. Sounds fairly typical, right?  Actually one of the oddest films I've seen in a while.

Businessman George Stone (Victor Rich

His friend Ron (Ron Dyer) points out Carol (Cathy Adams) strolling by in a minidress.

They follow her, hanging a safe distance back.

As she applies her makeup at the top of the stairs...

They see she's not wearing panties.

Elsewhere, a girl (Toni Demoulin) is making out with a guy in his convertible. 

She crawls to the backseat.

But then she can't go through with it.

She's traumatized by her father ('Reb' Sawitz) beating the shit out of her mother (Heather Starr

Seeing this as a little girl (April Rossi) has turned her into a lesbian.

Remember Carol (Cathy Adams)?  

She does nothing in this scene except smoke a joint nude.

George and Ron get together with their wives for dinner.

George's wife Martha (Karen Johnson)

Ron's wife Phyllis (Phyllis Stengel)

Martha feeds Phyllis a pickle.

George fantasizes that they're all naked eating a feast.

They eat food off of Martha.

Mr. McMahon is George and Ron's boss.  He invites them to a party at his place.

George let's them all know that Mr. McMahon has invited them to another of his famous parties. Martha has never been to one.

Mr. McMahon's wife, Mary, is a bit of a weirdo.

"For god's sake Mary, wanna get arrested for being a nut?"

Martha asks George why she can't ever go to MacMahon's parties.  George says she wouldn't enjoy them.

They have sex

Martha nags about it some more, and George agrees to take her to the party just this once.

Then they take a shower.

MacMahon's party.

Of course, all the girls are naked.

Out by the pool.

Oh, lordy. Edward D. Wood Jr. finds women's clothing on the bed and puts them on. 

His wife  (Nancy Holliday) comes in and is shocked to see him in women's clothing and makeup.

Remember the lesbian (Toni Demoulin)? She's forcing herself on this party guest.

Once again we flash back to her mom (Heather Starr) and dad ('Reb' Sawitz) and their violent relationship.

Martha gets hit on at the party.  At first she pushes him away....

But then gives in.

Phyllis, Ron and Carol are here too.

This is a crazy fucked up scene.  A girl is carried and dragged to the floor...

She thinks it's funny now, but not for long.

She's stripped totally naked and tied up.

Then, she's whipped in front of everyone. 

Everyone takes a turn whipping her.

Isn't this fun?

Carol desperately wants this guy.  He asks for money and she gladly pays him.

Those hippies were always painting naked women.

Everyone gets naked and lounges by the pool.  Ron and Phyllis take part.

Ron moves in on Martha and they have sex.

George finds Martha and tells her to cool it.

Phyllis flirts with George.

George eventually loses his shit and starts beating up a dyke who is hitting on Martha.

The next day, George apologizes and they're back together.  He promises - no more parties at Mr. MacMahon's place. THE END

From the director of Lord Farthingay's Holiday, this was so odd, it felt like a John Waters movie at times.  With relentless nudity, full-frontal for days, with Cathy Adams and Phyllis Stengel baring all... this could have been great.  The admixture of campy oddness with joyful sleaze is a winning combination if there ever was one; however, well over half the movie is just this damn party.  While there certainly is plenty there to find interesting, I feel like it loses its mojo after a while.  


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