Dec 30, 2021

Married Woman Looking for Single Young Man (1971)


(Original Title: Señora necesitada busca joven bien dotado) A Spanish romance starring the oft-naked Lynn Endersson.

Line (Lynn Endersson) is a painter

Painting the scenery she hears a couple screwing in the bushes.

It's a dude named Andrés (Ramón Pons) and his girlfriend (? actress).

Andrés spots Line in a restaurant and hits on her.

Line lets him know she's married and has no interest in cheating.

Chantal (Chantal Broquet) is Line's best friend.... who is actually having a kinky affair with her husband.

After a night out, Line gets blackout drunk.

Her creep husband Pierre (Olivier Mathot) gives her another drink to make her pass out.

When she finally passes out, he carries her to the bedroom.

There, he has a camera set up.

Pierre has Chantal undress Line and molest her while she's passed-out.

Then he takes his turn while Chantal photographs.

In contrast, young Andrés isn't such a perv.  He treats Line right.

Andrés rents a plane and they fly somewhere remote and have sex by the lake.

While Line is away, Pierre is fooling around with Chantal again.

Pierre gets his kicks by photographing.

He takes pictures of Chantal with some random dude.

Line and Andrés are at a club.  You'll recall Andrés girlfriend from the start.  She tries to show him her bbos at the club, but he wants none of it.  He's all about Line now.

After fighting off a would-be lover, Andrés and Line go to a hotel room and have sex.

Pierre sees Line and Andrés naked on the beach.

The romance blooms, but Line just can't keep it up.  She's married.

So, she gets on a plane and returns to Pierre. Andrés calls to her, but she doesn't listen.

Back at home, Line talks with some friends and finds out what Pierre has been up to while she's away.

She follows him and winds up at a brothel of sorts.

Pierre is upstairs with a prostitute (Alice Arno) who he gives a sugar cube of acid.

In another room, this shit is going on. A woman is lifted up by her crotch.

Line realizes she's made a huge mistake coming back to her shitty husband.

Extreme close-up.  She must go back to Andrés

Back in Costa Brava, Line takes a shower to ready herself for Andrés

She speaks with the operator looking for where to find Andrés

Something's not right, but Line hasn't caught on yet.

Line learns some bad news. Andrés has already moved on to another woman.  He's married and on his honeymoon.

Line is sad and alone.  Juan (Juan Miguel Solano), a stranger in a restaurant notices this sad and lonely woman.  But she rebuffs his advances.

Line tries to kill herself by ramming her car into a tree.

Juan comes to check on her, and we're to presume that Juan will be the man she was meant to be with. THE END

 A better than average sleazy romance. Lynn Endersson is always so uninhibited, she spices up every movie she's in.  This film, were it made just a couple years earlier, would have been dreadfully boring.  But as the censors loosened up, movies like this could inject some grade-A sleaze into their pictures, giving them the extra zest they need.


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