Dec 24, 2021

Let's Calm Down and Drink Fresh in Saint-Tropez (1987)


(Original Title: On se calme et on boit frais à Saint-Tropez) A brainless and topless comedy from France. Last in Max Pécas' St. Tropez trilogy... well, last Pécas film period.  The screenwriter drowned during production, so I guess it was his last too.  

Béatrice Nadaud (Noëlle Noblecourt) takes her daughter Juliette (Leila Fréchet) clothes shopping for her trip to Brittany.

In the dressing room, Juliette knows she's being watched.

Béatrice sees the voyeur and closes the curtain.

But Juliette isn't going to Brittany.  She switches taxis and goes to see her fiancé in Saint-Tropez instead.

Juliette makes it to Saint-Tropez and looks for a ride.

Sacha (Claude Bruna) is always on the prowl.  He stops to pick Juliette up.

Getting into Sacha's jeep proves to be a revealing experience.

Little does Juliette know, Renaud Martin (Eric Reynaud-Fourton), her fiancé, has been cheating on her left and right.  In fact, he's cheating on her right now.

Patrice (Luq Hamet) is a famous DJ and Renaud's best friend.

The Saint-Tropez beaches are just full of topless women.

Chouchou (Daniel Derval) is a gay beach bum.

A blonde girl (Stéphane Sylvian) and her friend spot Patrice on the docks.

She asks him to sign her chest.

Renaud and Patrice climb aboard the yacht of Norbert (Sylvain Chamarande), an eccentric rich guy.

Norbert has two women on his yacht: Heidi (Krystyna Ferentz) and...

The yacht docks, and they enjoy a cocktail on the beach.  A blonde in a black bikini bottom strolls by.

Norbert literally pulls her bikini bottom down.

Isn't that hilarious?  (Ugh.)

Renaud leaves the group to fool around with another girl.

Juliette surprises him.

Renaud takes Juliette to a discotheque. 

This is how the ladies dress at this club.

Juliette and Renaud wake up after a night of sex.

Patrice can be highly annoying.

Juliette has to pretend to be a maid.

Back on the beach

Heidi and Ingrid

Chouchou provides comic relief.  He sews bikini tops.

Juliette runs into her father Georges (Philippe Baronnet) who is with a pretty blonde, Alexandra (Brigitte Lahaie).

Georges thinks quick and plays it off like Alexandra is with his friend Richard Lassale (Patrick Guillemin) instead.

Topless girls flock to Chouchou and his basket of free bikini tops. Sacha passes himself off as gay in order to get in on this action.

Renaud fools around with a girl at the station, which ends up getting aired on the radio.

Juliette is enraged because she hears Renaud on the radio.

Chouchou and Sacha (still pretending to be gay) hear the lovemaking being accidently broadcast.

Patrice's girlfriend Sandrine (Valérie Cinotto) arrives.

She tries to be nice to Juliette who is still enraged and packing her bags to go home.

Juliette rips off Sandrine's towel. 

As retaliation, Juliette plans to have sex with Sacha.

But Sacha is stuck with Chouchou.

Béatrice finds out her daughter is in Saint-Tropez and is looking everywhere for Juliette.

At the discoteque Béatrice lets her hair down for the first time in ages.

Béatrice finds that Georges is cheating on her, so she gets with his friend Richard.

Béatrice is like a new woman now.  She gets an invitation to meet with Richard.

But it's really just a plot by Juliette to get her back with Georges.  And it works.

Richard instead gets with George's floozy Alexandra.

So, it ends with everyone happy.  Heidi and Ingrid remain with with Norbert their sugar daddy...

And Juliette gets back together with Renaud.

The final scene has them jumping in the ocean happy.

The final frame reminds us who the true star of this film is - Leila Fréchet's boobs.

I cannot tell a lie.  I thoroughly enjoyed the nonstop toplessness of this film.  It is just incessant boobs from start to finish - and Leila Fréchet's boob are magnifique. However, if you put the boobs aside for a moment, you'll find there's nothing to see here.


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