Dec 4, 2021

King of the Rooftops (1995)


(Original Title: El Rey de la Azotea, AKA Saber Gatear) A young woman (Rex) works as a maid for a perverted rich guy (Zayas) and his weird wife (Herrera).  When she's falsely accused of stealing, a sexy maid substitute (Aparicio) is used to prove her innocence. 

Marcos (José Magaña) is gaga over his girlfriend Pola (Olivia Rex)

While Marcos gets change for the parking meter, Pola is aggressively flirted with.

Pola watches as Marcos kicks all of their asses single handedly.  

Marcos is actually a tough-as-nails police officer.

Pola gets a job as maid for Rufino (Alfonso Zayas) and Emma (Diana Herrera)

Emma is a mentally unstable weirdo.

Pola wonders what she's gotten herself into as Rufino drools over her legs.

An odd and irrelevant scene, but I found it perhaps the funniest in the movie - just because it's so odd and Herrera is a pro.  Pola is surprised by Emma's facial mud mask.

Pola literally faints. (Is she that frightened by a mud mask?  This is nuts.)

Emma tries to revive her, and begins to think she's dead.

Pola eventually revives and runs out of the room.  When Emma looks at herself in the mirror she has the same reaction of horror.

Ultra pervert Rufino creeps into Pola's room while she sleeps.

Pola wakes up and is not okay with this.

Rufino and Emma's sex life isn't exactly the best.

The other two household servants are Sandra (María De La Luz Alvarez) and Carlos (Gastón Padilla). Most of their time is spent looking after the two annoying brats who are constantly into trouble.

Rufino slobbers watching Pola put up Christmas decorations.

Sandra waters the garden.

Rufino sneaks up behind her.

Sandra is nice, but passive-aggressively puts the hose on his crotch.

Emma walks around most the movie wearing big frilly nightgowns.

Pola, Carlos and Sandra discuss what a nuthouse they work at.

Goddamn these kids.  Much of the movie is spent following their lame shenanigans. 

Carlos watches the kids while Pola and Sandra grocery shop.

Naturally they get hit on wherever they go.

Carlos thinks he's lost the kids.

Unfortunately, they eventually turn up.

Pola is able to go out with Marcos.

When she returns, the Comandante (Joel Avila) is there.  She's being blamed for stealing a necklace.  Of course, she's done no such thing (it's really due to Rufino's shady antics).

Pola cries to Marcos who has a plan.

He gets Linda (Yirah Aparicio) to do a favor for him.

She'll pose as a maid, but really will be there to expose Rufino's dirty deeds and thereby prove Pola's innocence.

Marcos lays on the charm with Emma.  He convinces her to hire Linda.

Emma is so damn batty; she cracks me up.

Linda the new maid kicks up the sex factor, wearing a skimpy uniform.

Of course this is all a ruse to bust Rufino.

Rufino aggressively pulls her onto his lap.

Linda tries to escape.  What ha she gotten herself into?

A little TV watching, then Emma and Rufino go their separate ways...

He slips into the bathroom to watch Linda shower.

But she's able to pry him off and tells him she'll meet in the maid's quarters tonight.

Rufino literally cries, but does as he's told.

Like I said, Emma wears the best nightgowns.

Linda sets the trap, getting Emma to thinks she's meeting Marcos in the maid's quarters tonight.

Now it all comes together. The big night.

Bravo to this film's costume department. The wardrobe is superb (che's kiss).

Marcos gets the call from Linda and is on his way.

Emma goes to the maid's quarters.

Rufino's lusty ways are finally exposed when he tries to hump who he thinks is Linda.

Emma chases after him with a rolling pin.

Linda runs to meet Marcos.

So it all comes to a head; the truth is revealed.

Pola arrives and is finally vindicated; cleared of all wrongdoing. 

The film ends with Pola and Linda fighting over Marcos.

Man, I will never tire of these cheap Mexican comedies.  They are so full of joyous energy and Benny Hill variety humor (i.e. wholesome yet cheeky/risque). If this same film had been made ten years prior during the height of the fichera, it would have been loaded with full frontal nudity.  Pretty much a complaint with all the nineties Mexican comedies, they really toned down the sleaze, which was half the fun. Regardless, a helluva fun time.


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