Dec 5, 2021

Jacker (1993)


Ultra cheap SOV from NYC about a carjacking serial killer.

Mike (Phil Herman) returns to his shitty apartment after a hard day's work of killing and carjacking. 

His wife Kate (Nancy Feliciano) gives him nothing but grief. 

She does nothing but insult him and criticize him for not having a job.

Mike is near his limit.

Kate takes a bath and nags Mike for a beer.

Mike contemplates killing her with the kitchen knife.

He thinks better of it, and instead opts for poison in her Budweiser. 

Keate drinks it, and dies.

Mike has to make it look like a suicide.

"Allways" spelled wrong.  A nice touch. 

Then he cuts her wrist.

Detective Jackson (Patric Jackson) is on the scene.

He speaks with the "grieving" husband.

Wasting no time, Mike is back to carjacking.

He kicks this dude out of his car.

Mary is still in the car, and gets shot in the head.

Mike's killing spree makes the news; Jackson is interviewed.

Jackson, naturally, is in conflict with the chief.

Mike cuts his hand and bleeds into his shredded wheat.

Gloria (Debbie D) hasas just moved into the apartment down the hall from Mike.

She finds she's out of shampoo.

Gloria asks Mike for some shampoo and invites him in.  Big mistake.

Gloria takes a shower.

Mike brings her the shampoo.

Gloria says she normally doesn't do stuff like this, but she just went through a bad breakup.

Next, Mike is carrying a body out of the apartment.

I love Detective Jackson's shirt.

Mike resumes his carjacking spree.

Mike becomes the number one suspect.  His mother (Edie Herman) is interviewed.

Lots of scenes of driving around at night. 

Mike kills a cop and is on the run.

I love this: Jackson commandeers a kid's skateboard to chase after Mike.

Mike vs Jackson, and Mike loses. THE END

 I don't mind cheap SOV films; in fact, the cheaper and the dumber the better.  But this was just boring. Aside from a few grim murder scenes and Debbie D's shower scene, it's a bit dull. 


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