Dec 16, 2021

How To Make A Dirty Movie (1968)


For Ann Perry completists: a doofus husband wanders into a porno set, and has sex with the actress.  His wife finds him in this compromising position, but she's soon misbehaving as well.

Brad Murphy (Marland Proctor) doesn't realize he's wandered onto a porno set. He meets a lovely girl named Marlene (? actress), not realizing she's a porn actress.
She initiates sex, and Brad goes along for the ride.

A lot of full frontal nudity for a film from '68.

Jimmy (Ray Sebastian) the Director arrives on set.  He believes Brad is an actor, and he has them undress for their scene.

Jimmy instructs Lenore (? actress) to join the scene for a threesome. 

Millie Murphy (Ann Perry) arrives and is shocked at what she sees.

Lenore and Marlene watch Brad get screamed at.  Jimmy tells them to leave the set.

Millie threatens to call the vice squad.

Jimmy is a sly one, and he uses reverse psychology to see her tits.

Millie falls for his trick.

Millie finds herself swept away with passion.

She lets Jimmy pull off her pants and panies.

Backstage, Brad joins Lenore.

Brad and Lenore have sex.

Millie asks Jimmy if she can appear in one of his dirty movies.  He refuses.

Jimmy shoots the next scene which involves Lenore and Marlene at a piano.

Millie watches with wonder.

She wants to have sex herself, but Jimmy tells her to bug off.

Milile and Brad wind up alone together, and they have makeup sex. THE END

I love Ann Perry as a central figure in early sexpoitation, so will watch anything she's in.  Perry aside, this is a pretty weak film.  Not quite a porno, and not quite a "real" film either.  Lots o' nudity, but that's about all it's got going for it.  


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