Dec 20, 2021

Horrorscope (1994)


Super cheap SOV horror anthology by Todd Jason Cook who wrote-directed-acted, etc. a number of these films in the nineties.  These Texas based films would feature his wife Lisa Cook, self proclaimed "scream queen". 

Music by Killer Circus

At the Houston Video Impact store

Returning from the video store, Ryan (Todd Jason Cook), tries to think of a title for a song he wrote.

He really gets into his music.

Ryan starts hearing strange noises.

In his room, he returns to his music.

Again he hears the demonic voices.

From the closet comes a demon taking him to hell.

The second story: "Mr. Nice Guy"

Mark (Todd Jason Cook), his girlfriend Sarah (Lisa Cook) and her friend Ashley (Susie Sumner) are hanging out at the bar.

They meet a nice guy named David (Chad Eubanks) who invites them to his place.

They have some drinks. Evidently they're drugged as Ashley and Sarah are out cold.

David carries Sarah to the bedroom.

He pulls up her shirt and stabs her in the stomach.

He then chases Ashley down the street and kills her too.

The third story is "The Dummy".  Laura (Lisa Cook) returns home drunk.

She sees a package on her front doorstep.

What could it be?

Before opening it, she goes upstairs to change.

It's a  ventriloquist doll

Laura makes some calls trying to find the origin of this doll.

At night, the doll awakens.

It chases after Laura brandishing a knife.

She manages to kick it away.

But it's soon back after her.

She finds a note - it's a jilted lover who planted this demon doll as revenge.

It ends with a promotional message from "scream queen" Lisa Cook advertising their other movies.  This was objectively terrible, but considering the Cooks put together a ton of movies, it does make me curious to check out more of their filmography. Stay tuned.


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