Dec 11, 2021

Herança dos Devassos (1979)


(Translation: Debauchee's Inheritance) A weird Brazilian film about an eccentric, incestuous and murderous family who receives a pretty visitor upon the death of the matriarch. 

Rogério (Roberto Maya) and Laura (Elizabeth Hartmann) are siblings with a weird almost-incestuous relationship.  

The funeral of their mother Clotilde, along with weird Aunt Matilde.

Délia (Sandra Bréa), the widow of Eduardo, Matilde's son, attends the funeral and stays at their home.

 Cousins Rogério and Délia have feelings for each other.

They get along so well, looking through scrapbooks. 

Matilde and Laura aren't so happy.  The don't approve of Rogério and Délia getting so close.

Weird Aunt Matilde attends the reading of the will.

Rogério takes Délia shopping.

Out in the woods, Rogério and Délia are startled by the sound of a gunshot.

Laura admits it was her.  She openly does not approve of Délia's presence here.

Délia knows how to use a crossbow.  I wonder if that will come in handy.

The evening winds down.  Délia heads for a shower.

Délia is startled by what she sees in the shower.

Rogério hears Délia's screams and comes running.

A snake is in her shower.

Ernesto arrives to remove the serpent.

Délia says she wants to leave the house.

Laura visits Rogério in the night.

She fondles herself.

Laura and Matilde agree that Délia can't be allowed to leave the property.

Rogério and Délia have sex.

Délia suddenly sees Laura running at her with a candlestick.

She barely gets out of the way in time.  Laura lands on a sharp object and is fatally wounded.

Délia runs half-naked through the mansion.

Délia says his goodbyes to his dying sister.

Délia is shot at.

It's Matilde with a rifle.

Délia grabs the crossbow off the wall.

Matilde is killed by Délia; Rogério kills Ernesto. 

Délia gets the hell outta there, leaving Rogério there all alone. THE END

While it's a fairly played-out story, it's conveyed in a very artful, almost surreal way.  It could've been quite good were it not for the fact that it took nearly fifty minutes for anything to fucking happen. 


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