Dec 3, 2021

Flower and Snake: White Uniform Rope Slave (1986)


(Original Title: 花と蛇 白衣縄奴隷) A sick Japanese film about a dentist and his nurse who abuse their patients while their put under. 

Doctor Hidenori Ooba (Masayoshi Nogami) and his patient (? actress)

Naoe Takeuchi (Minako Ogawa), the nurse, chloroforms the patient.

Ooba and Naoe undress the woman.

She's tied up.

This gets Ooba and Naoe hot and bothered.

What an opening scene.  When the patient comes to, she's none the wiser as to what happened while she was under.

Miki Yamagiwa (Ran Masaki) has a toothache. Kiyoko Itô (Kazuyo Ezaki), her teacher, brings her in to Ooba's office.

Miki is chloroformed. 

Clothes are removed. You know the drill.

Tied up.

Ooba snaps pictures.

While Naoe adjusts the lighting just right.

Don't even ask what Ooba's doing.

Later, in Kiyoko's arts and crafts class...

Teacher and student have a special relationship.

Kiyoko is alarmed that Miki has a hickey down below.  She worries that she's been cheating on her.

Miki goes to Ooba's.

He attacks and rips all her clothes off.

She's tied up and molested.

Naoe arrives and is unhappy that Ooba started without her.

She ties up Miki.

Ooba and Naoe abuse her with candle wax.

After they're finished, Naoe drives Miki home. She threatens her if she ever says a word about it.

Kiyoko has been worried sick.

She can tell Miki has been physically abused.

Miki refuses to tell her who did this to her.

Miki receives a call from Ooba to return to the dentist's office.

Once again, Miki is tied up and tortured by Ooba and Naoe.

Kiyoko puts the pieces together and confronts Ooba.

Kiyoko is taken by Naoe, and Ooba carries Miki.

The torture contues.  Both Miki and Kiyoko are tied up.

Ice is dumped in a pile between them.

Kiyoko is forced to pleasure Naoe.

Naoe tries to join on Ooba's molestation of Miki, but she's thrown aside.

This pisses off Naoe and she approaches Ooba with a knife.

Kiyoko tries to rescue Miki... but she wants to stay tied and not leave (!) Kiyoko leaves dejected on her own.

Miki wants to stay and be abused by Naoe.

Ooba is now blind; Miki is put in his lab before she submits to another round of torture.

To say this was sick and twisted might be stating the obvious.  What's unusual is that it's executed so well.  In the US, fetish movies like this are shot-on-video pieces of garbage; in Japan they are an art form.  Ran Masaki is a doll, and what a courageous actress to go through all this on camera.  It's tempting to act like Siskel & Ebert and just call this a sinful piece of trash that should be banned. It makes you feel proper and good to condemn a film like this.  However, if you're honest, you have to admit there is real skill on display here; real acting, talented direction, etc. and a sick-o eroticism that, while of a repugnant content, I'm still glad has a place in the exploitation genre.


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