Dec 13, 2021

El Tratado de Libre Comercio (1991)


Okay, a Mexican comedy named after NAFTA - I have to watch. 

Don Teto (Carlos Marcos Aguilar 'Polín') runs a hotel, but it isn't doing very well.

Teto's wife (Marcela Bordes) and Serena Olvido

Serena Olvido provided the voice of Ursula in The Little Mermaid for the Spanish dubbed version.

Teto can't pay his debts and is now in hot water.

Carlos Agostí wants his money.

Teto gets news that he's receiving an inheritance from his aunt.

Millions of pesos.  This could fix everything.

They arrive for the reading of the will.  This lawyer talks forever and I, admittedly, drifted off.  So, I'm sure I missed an important plot point.

Bottom line: his inheritance is cause for celebration.  But it comes with a caveat.  He'll have to have a child... which likely isn't possible at his age.

Teto gets a medical exam to see if he's up to the challenge.

Not sure why he needs a massive enema, but so be it.

The doctor delivers the news.

Carlos Agostí checks in to the hotel.

To comply with the will's requirement, Teto places a sign outside the hotel: "half price for powerful macho men who have had children. double price for the impotent or gays."  Um, okay.

Here come the chicas.

Sandra Peña on the right.

It's funny because he's a midget... right?

Carlos Agostí gets intimate with Olivia Roybal.  It's funny because she's fat... right?

Teto and wife watch the goings on at the pool now that all the virile guests have checked in.

The midget - a source of more laughs.

The camera ogles the ladies around the pool.

Sandra Peña loses her top and calls for help.

As more and more people try and help, they fall in the pool themselves.

It's funny because he's a midget... right?

Teto springs into action; doinking the various ladies.

Teto's wife gets pregnant and goes into labor.

It seems like the whole movie is a setup for this punchline. Teto returns from the hospital to the hotel and finds all the women impregnated. The men are here too, and they're all angry at Teto. 

Oh dear me.  Not enough T&A, not enough laughs, not enough of really anything which can make a movie entertaining.  I love a good cheap Mexican sex comedy - this was not one of them.


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