Dec 5, 2021

Dr. Jekyll & Mistress Hyde (2003)


Julian Wells and Misty Mundae star in another naughty retelling of the Jekyll & Hyde story.  

Dr. Jackie Stevenson (Julian Wells) is a famous scientist being interviewed on TV

Ingrid (Andrea Davis), the host of the show.

As Jackie describes her scientific discovery - a serum that unleashes the passionate side of women - we watch her douche-bag husband Richard Stevenson (Boz Tennyson) get serviced by the maid Paula Beswick (Ruby Larocca)

Paula does as she's told.

Jackie is a therapist.  She works with patient Martine Flagstone (Misty Mundae)

Martine is at the end of her rope and wants to kill herself.

Jackie injects Martine with the serum, and the girl goes apeshit.

Martine rips off her pants and starts aggressively masturbating right there in the office. 

Martine ends up in an insane asylum. 

Jackie goes back to the drawing board.

She takes some of the serum herself.

She falls to the floor, flailing around, ripping her clothes off.

She's now Heidi Hyde

She sees her reflection in the mirror and starts madly masturbating.

Dawn Hopkins  (also played by Misty Mundae) is a prostitute 

Jackie as Heidi Hyde is on the prowl. 

They go to a warehouse.

Not sure how it happens that Ingrid (Andrea Davis) the TV show host is here.

Ingrid is tied up.

Jackie cuts Ingrid down and she falls limp to the floor.  Then they have a threesome.

Jackie injects Ingrid with the serum.

Days later, Dawn goes to see a therapist.  She doesn't realize it's Jackie somehow (the glasses?) and they have sex. Finally, she learns that Jackie is Heidi Hyde.

Jackie's husband Richard is being served by Pauline.

Jackie and Dawn appear outside the glass door.

Pauline disrobes and joins in.

The three ladies converge on Richard.

Jackie injects her husband with the serum.

Unexpectedly, Jackie bursts into cataleptic fits.

Dawn tries to hold her down.

Pauline and Dawn work together to inject Jackie with the serum.

Dawn stoically watches as the serum takes its toll; Paula stays by her side.

Jackie goes insane.

Paula visits her cell and we finally get an explanation of what the fuck has been going on this whole movie.  So, Jackie accidentally killed Martine, and Dawn was totally imaginary. Richard, also in the hospital, bequeathed the estate to Pauline, who winds up being the winner of all this. THE END

One of the better Seduction Cinema offerings; competently filmed and jam-packed with full frontal nudity. My biggest complaint (aside from the awful dialog) is that you really don't have a clue what's going on until the last minute of the movie.  

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