Dec 13, 2021

Do You Wanna Be Loved? (1975)


Rene Bond is the undisputed queen of early seventies sexploitation.  This is one of her later works and is a bit jarring as we're now in the golden age of porn, and it's a totally different vibe than just a few years earlier.  Bond helped pave the way, but really didn't find success once the adult film hit its stride.  I'm not exactly sure what became of her. This film is dated as 1978 in IMDb, but other sources have it at 1975 - I suspect the earlier date is the correct one.

The film has its own theme song "Do You Wanna Be Loved?" which plays throughout. It sounds like Three Dog Night crossed with Pablo Cruise.  Not too bad.

Melanie (Rene Bond) and Jim (Paul Thomas) are a married couple.

Melanie is sad because all Jim wants to do is work; their sex life has turned to dust.

Melanie has resorted to sneaking into the men's room and sucking random guy's dicks.

"I Need Attention"

Melanie works with Liz (Anita Sands) at an office.

Liz recommends that her and Jim go to the Pleasant Valley Lodge to give their relationship a spark.

Melanie and Liz walk through the windy San Francisco streets.

The couple checks in to the Pleasant Valley Lodge

Melody (Sharon Culp), the daughter of the ranch owner, and her friend Sandy (Paula Wain) flirt with Billy (Tyler Reynolds).

Jim delivers the bad news that he's not in the mood.  It's too much pressure.

Melanie is beyond depressed.

Melody can't believe Sandy is a virgin.

She asks Sandy to shave her bush.

Melanie prepares to sunbathe.

She's joined by Liz.

Hey look - it's Joey Silvera, as Fred.

Fred and Liz go to the bedroom together.

Melody, Rosie (Jo Anne Smith) and Sandy offer Billy their services.

Meanwhile, Melanie is alone in her room.

Liz is busy getting banged by Fred.

Melanie surprises them and asks if she can watch.

Fred has to get to work after Melanie joins in.

Melanie turns her attentions to Liz.

Afterwards, Melanie complains to her about Jim.

Down in the lodge hall, Miss Deitra (Angela Haze) is introduced as the entertainment.

She proceeds to suck like five guys' dicks.

Melanie makes herself pretty for Jim.

Jim ain't interested.

So, Melanie goes to the lodge hall and proceeds to enjoy a gang bang.

Jim comes downstairs and is horrified by what he sees.

The shame of itall.

The mid to late seventies have a very different flavor than the early part of the decade, which seemed more cheesy and a lot like stag films.  For me, Rene Bond, doesn't belong in this universe.  That aside, the film had all the components you'd want or expect in a greasy seventies porno; yet, not all that good overall.  Bond not included, the ladies aren't the best in the looks department, and I don't much enjoy watching a hundred BJ's in a row.  So, rather lame but big ups for Bond.


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