Dec 24, 2021

Bad Girls (1981)


Michelle Bauer's very first film.  She's almost unrecognizable in this highly successful porno which spawned multiple sequels.  Four models go camping and get abducted by a sadomasochism cult. 

Chrissie (Anna Ventura) makes some calls for a trip to the Rockies. 

They're models and the Rockie Mountains will be a great place for a photo shoot.

Chrissie calls her model friend Bo (Lenora Bruce)

She also calls Angie (Michelle Bauer).  Bauer looks very different than her scream queen days.  She's super lanky and this is pre-boob job. She's also missing that ultra-mid-eighties hair-sprayed 'do. 

Kate (Victoria Knoll) is the fourth model to be asked to join the trip to the Rockies.

Her photographer Jerry (Richard Pacheco) gets a bit pushy, asking for explicit shots.

Kate reluctantly obliges and then they have sex.

The road trip begins.

Angie stops and asks for directions.

She sees it's a boy scout and she invites him into the RV.

The Boy Scout (John Handler) gets acquainted with Chrissie. 

But she's teasing him, and they drop the scout off at his camp.

Kate finds it all amusing.

The girls try to set up camp, but can't put the tent together.

Angie poses atop a tree stump. 

Bot goes looking for firewood and comes upon a Woodsman (John Leslie) and his two ladies: in red (Lee Carroll) and white (Leslie Winston).

Bo gets aroused watching them fool around.

Angie and Chrissie also fool around.

They're startled when a Boy Scout strolls up out of nowhere.

The scout's name is Slater (Ron Jeremy) and he's the older brother of the Boy Scout they met earlier.  He's much creepier, and continues to stalk around their campsite. 

The models frolic as Kate takes pictures. 

Angie finds a sign for "Habrinas Dungeons"

She's read that this place "used to be a brothel or some sort of institute for sadomasochism" 

Time out for Chrissie and Angie to pose for another photo shoot.

Bo runs into the woodsman and they have sex.

The Habrinas Dungeons

A slavegirl (Sylvia Benedict) is chained up.

Judge (Ron Feilen) is the head of the cult.

The girls arrive at the Habrinas Dungeons.

The creepy cult members usher them inside. 

They meet Judge who explains they are now his captives and cannot leave.

Angie won't stand for this.

Bo and Kate seem rather chill.

Slater works with the cult.  He tells the guards to leave him alone with Chrissie.

Chrissie is taken to another room.

Chrissie isn't at all traumatized by their situation; in fact, she seems to like it.

The guards tell Angie to strip.

They take Angie to be washed.

Angie is brought before Thomas (Michael Snow), one of the cult leaders.

Guards: Sylvia Benedict and Sylvia Wright  

Angie fights back, not letting them have it easy.

Thomas chains her up.

But Thomas fakes whipping her.  He has a thing for Angie and so pretends to punish her.

The rest of the group is brought in.

Everyone starts having sex. Sylvia Benedict with Chrissie

Kate hooks up with a cult member named Jason (Kevin James)

Sylvia Wright looks for a partner

She finds Angie and they go at it.

After the orgy, Slater helps the girls escape.

Slater rows them to freedom... while copping a feel. THE END

Judged for what it is, it's a goddamn work of art.  The film does pretty much everything right: (1) the girls are all smoking hot, not an ugly one in the bunch, (2) it's filmed brightly, not falling for the most common of all adult-film foibles - the dim lighting fuck-up; which can negate the entire point of the film in the first place, (3) a really fun story which could easily have been grim and dark given the cult storyline, but is thankfully fun 'n' campy, (5) it's not just a bump-and-grind, but rather makes the most of the four hotties providing lots o' T&A beyond the screwing, and best of all (6) the film plucked Michelle Bauer out of nowhere - bravo..


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