Dec 5, 2021

A Taste of Honey (1970)


A grimy sleaze-fest featuring sexploitation all-stars Kathy Hilton and Phyllis Stengel. Two gross gangsters wreak havoc at a seedy brothel.

Two criminals, Ned (Norman Fields) and Malcolm (Gene Rowland), fresh from a mugging, take refuge in a brothel run by the madam (Casey Larrain).

The madam offers the thugs a hooker in red (Kathy Hilton)

But they've got a lot of loot burning a hole in their pocket.  They want something special.

The madam informs Ned and Malcolm that she has just the thing - a virgin.

They leave the hooker in red behind, and she rolls her eyes.

The virgin, Suzie (? actress), is upstairs.

Ned and Malcolm immediately get to raping her.

A long and brutal rape scene.

It ends with Ned smacking the hell out of her, and she's knocked out.

They leave her unconscious and head back downstairs.

The goons have still not had their fill, and they fool around with the madam.

Rosemary (Phyllis Stengel) is brought in.

Rosemary doesn't know what to think.  The madam tells her to play along.

The hooker in red is asked to join.

Rosemary resists, but it's no use.

The punchline: the gangsters see a doctor about the sores on their faces (clearly covered in STDs)

Obviously, this is just a pile of mean-spirited garbage.  However, if you're obsessed with early seventies sexploitation (and I most assuredly qualify), you can't help but start to appreciate some of these ladies.  Phyllis Stengel and Kathy Hilton are among the all-stars, and so it's worth watching just for them.  But goddamn half the movie is a rape, so maybe not.


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