Sep 3, 2021

Waitress Without Malice (1980)


(Original Title: Cameriera senza... malizia) Marina Hedman stars in the dirty Italian flick about a girl who grew up in a convent selling her "wares" to pay for an inn. 

Mother Superior (Guia Lauri Filzi) arranges for Olivia (Marina Hedman), a girl who grew up in the convent, to marry...

Antonio (Enzo Pulcrano) a poor truck driver.  They live in a tiny apartment.

A virgin and unacquainted with men, Olivia is shy on their wedding night.

She prays.

Antonio is able to quickly teach her the ways of sex.

His life savings. One day he'll buy a property owned by the nun. To do that he goes away in his truck to earn some bread.

Alone, Olivia cleans up the inn.

The standard girl up ladder (see keyword, for a million other movies with this trope).

Giovanni (Paolo Di Bella), Antonio's friend and partner, has been sent to deliver keys to the place.

He catches sight of the lovely Olivia and that's all she wrote.

Olivia raises eyebrows as she rides through town on her bike.

Mother Superior catches Katia (Laura Levi) and Poldo (Giuseppe Curia) engaged in sex.

The nun strips off Katia's clothing...

She then has Poldo pound her from behind.

She forces Katie to join in the threesome.

Katia masturbates while the nun continues to engage in sinful activities.

Olivia is earning a reputation among the locals, including Don Peppino (Enzo Garinei).

Giovanni takes his turn with Olivia.

He then puts money in her tip jar.

This gives Oliva an idea.

She greets Katia who's just arrived.

They change into something more comfortable.

Olivia lets the mailman (Rodolfo Licari) take her from behind.

He's gross - but it's more money in the tip jar.

Katia and Poldo get it on in a barn.

Olivia has big plans for all this money - she's got Giovanni in the palm of her hand.

A rich guy named Colombo (Luigi Palchetti) and his daughter (Caroline Audisio) have car trouble, and Antonio helps them.

In the mechanic's shop, Antonio's lesbian truck driving partner, Pina (Diala Caruso) is attracted to Katia.

They have sex in the broken-down car.

More gratuitous nudity as Columbo's daughter is watched by Katia.

Olivia has a throng of men who frequent the inn during Antonio's absence.

Antonio returns home - disgusted at Giovanni and his empty box where his savings was kept.

The big surprise: Olivia has earned enough money to buy the inn from the nun.  A happy ending.

I haven't seen the softcore version of this film, but my understanding is that it's much better.  The scenes that were cut to make way for hardcore sex, I suppose, were critical.  So, we're left with a choppy, often confusing, piece of garbage.  Still, Marina Headman is great, and it has its moments.


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